signs of the end of times - CO talk

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  • blondie

    Based on the SUVs I see in the KH parking lot, the CO must not gotten through. I think I even saw some new SUVs.

  • NiceDream

    We had that same talk a few years ago...or maybe it was mentioned at a DC? I remember them saying how "all the signs" were happening at once and I was scared! But then I looked online.

    It's like their cry for persecution 10 or 15 years ago...they said "persecution isn't a matter of if, but when." I was freaked out. I don't want my kid to sit through those lies.

  • exwhyzee

    I would have thought when the Nazis put millions of people in Concentration camps because of their religion....that would have been the great tribulation.....I guess it was for those people.

    As an armchair geologist, my theory about earthquakes is that they are related to the great voids under the earth that are caused by all the oil that is being taken out of the ground that once supported the earths crust.

    So what if the end is around the corner...that still doesn't mean JW's are the true religion or the only ones who will survive. They are going to be mighty pissed if a whole lot of people they had condemned...are there to greet them on the other side !

  • thetrueone

    And say what about the environmental changes the earth went through when that enormous asteroid hit the earth millions of years ago

    in the gulf of Mexico.

    I'm sure glad we're not living through that global catastrophe.

    That was one of the signs wasn't it ?

  • DaCheech

    they're so stupid, the sign was supposedly jesus talking about jerusalem's destruction

  • metatron

    My God, I thought the recent C.O. visit was just a bunch of mindless rambling by a man out of his depth. I forgot that the Governing Body is behind this garbage.

    He talked about the Foretold Increasing of Lawlessness ( crime has actually gone down) and Violence ( much less than in Civil War days in this community) and that somehow the new Generation nonsense meant we are so close to the End - even though it means that a bunch of guys who knew a bunch of guys who knew about 1914 could just go on indefinitely.


  • flipper

    The increase in recent earthquake activity or even pestilence is a crack up ! My youngest pioneer JW daughter ( 21 yrs.old ) tried pulling THIS one on me a few months ago in a phone conversation. She stated, " Dad , aren't you scared about the Haiti earthquake and right after it comes the chile earthquake ? The Bible foretold after 1914 the time of the end would increase the number of earthquakes ! " So I tried using common sense with her . I said, " Just think how fast we HEAR about these earthquakes nowadays sweetie. In the 20th century - televisions would broadcast within a half hour or hour earthquakes happening on the other side of the world- now with the internet, we know if China is having an earthquake within minutes in this 21st century ! We have so much mORE access to information than years ago ! " I paused continuing, " So how do you think they heard about earthquakes happening on the other side of the world in the 15th century, or in Columbus time ? Unless a ship traveled around the world it might be a year before you knew the other side of the world even HAD an earthquake ! "

    She was silent for about 20 seconds. sje said, " Well, I never thought about it like that. " I said, " We just have so much more access to what's happening EVERYWHERE now- it's why we hear about it more ! " So we chatted on, but hopefully I planted something in her brain

  • besty

    originator of the SUV quote -

    is violence getting worse -

    are there more earthquakes recently -


    "sunlight is a powerful disinfectant"

  • NewYork44M

    The frustrating thing about the debate as to whether we are in the last days or not is that we do have real problems.

    However, the answer is not wishing for a mythical solution. Rather, we need to come up with logical and real solutions for very real problems.

  • thetrueone

    The past presidents and GB members have never been well educated in history, nor will they.

    Passing on ignorance and misinformation is their job and they can attach this ignorance onto others by using fear and provocation.

    This is how they cumulate and hold onto power.

    Has also done well for the circulation of the published literature.

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