Bloody hell

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  • dgp

    This time I'm writing to comment on this thread by HadEnuf:

    She is happy that her accepting a blood transfusion means she is definitely free. I am happy for her, since her life is saved. I just wanted to comment how I became a blood donor.

    I was with this college friend and we were having fun trying to throw stones into a drum that was used for garbage. I studied at a Catholic (Jesuit) university. Well, while we're at it, this priest who led the Theology Center happens to pass by. The stone I had thrown was already flying, and it went, and went, and went.... and didn't get into the drum but nearly hit the priest. He accepted my apologies (sort of), but said that my punishment would be donating blood that day. The Red Cross ladies love-bombed me and I stayed as a blood donor for many years. It never occurred to me that I was doing a bad thing. I used to believe I was helping people.

    Now a post like HadEnuf's makes me sort of fathom the difference between your upbringing, guys, and mine.

    Just a comment.

  • wobble

    Thanks for the mini-biog dgp,

    I have never donated blood, I was trapped in the WT for 58 years, but I will donate at the first opportunity.

    I am looking forward to being love-bombed by Nurses, an old fantasy of mine !

  • nelly136

    it doesnt hurt , you get a free cup of tea and biscuits. it might be worth pre-booking as there can be quite a queue

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    The priest was a wise man.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    If no-one donated blood, where would JW's get all their 'fractions' from?


  • dgp

    Where I live they offered beer sometimes, so, of course, the usual joke was how many times we had to give blood if we wanted a full crate.

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