Southern Friends- Please watch this U-tube on Gulf Oil Spill- Protect Health !

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    My son sent me this You-tube link to some very important information of how toxic the Gulf water is in the south now. Please watch & give me your opinions . Take care , PLEASE be careful our Gulf Coast friends !

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    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • freydo
  • flipper

    FREYDO- THanks for the link. This is going to be a more serious situation than ANYONE ever imagined

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More


    Thanks for this; for any who may have missed...well worth watching

  • freydo
    freydo News/official-severe-threat-from-china-oil-spill/193989446001

    Large China Oil Spill Threatens Sea Life

    BEIJING (July 21) -- "China's largest reported oil spill emptied beaches along the Yellow Sea as its size doubled Wednesday, while cleanup efforts included straw mats and frazzled workers with little more than rubber gloves. An official warned the spill posed a "severe threat" to sea life and water quality as China's latest environmental crisis spread off the shores of Dalian, once named China's most livable city. One cleanup worker has drowned, his body coated in crude.

    "I've been to a few bays today and discovered they were almost entirely covered with dark oil," said Zhong Yu with environmental group Greenpeace China, who spent the day on a boat inspecting the spill. "The oil is half-solid and half liquid and is as sticky as asphalt," she told The Associated Press by telephone. The oil had spread over 165 square miles (430 square kilometers) of water five days since a pipeline at the busy northeastern port exploded, hurting oil shipments from part of China's strategic oil reserves to the rest of the country. Shipments remained reduced Wednesday. State media has said no more oil is leaking into the sea, but the total amount of oil spilled is not yet clear. Greenpeace China released photos Wednesday of inky beaches and of straw mats about 2 square meters (21 square feet) in size scattered on the sea, meant to absorb the oil..........."

  • freydo

    Photos: Firefighters rescue brother drowning in China oil spill

    (If the tropical storm gets cranked up it's going to be raining a lot of oil)

  • flipper

    MEETING JUNKIE NO MORE- You are welcome. I think it's important to get the word out that the waters are more dangerous than people are being told in the Gulf.

    FREYDO- My god. Thanks for that u-tube in regards to China going through that. It gives a picture of what could very well happen in the gulf too. But BP has tried to hide the oil by putting dispersants on the oil- causing it to sink and divide so the public can't SEE the oil on top of the ocean. Real deception

  • freydo

    Remember this Flipper?

    The Big Story w/ Gibson and Nauert

    China, Others Drilling for Oil Off Florida

    Friday, April 28, 2006

    This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," April 27, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

    JOHN GIBSON, HOST: "Wednesday I told you how China and other countries plan to drill for oil just off the Florida Straits. Check out this map. You see that area near Cuba? China's doing it. France is drilling there. So is Canada. But no American companies are allowed. Why? One senator who is trying to get lawmakers to pay attention to this issue, Sen. Larry Craig, joins us now.

    Senator, that is kind of shocking, that there are no Americans out there in the Florida Straits. Why not?

    SEN. LARRY CRAIG, R-IDAHO: Well, it's a fascinating anomaly of a 30-year-old foreign policy that said no business with Cuba period, end of statement, John.

    And, of course, in the north Cuban basin that's exactly what's going on right now. Cuba is opening this up and allowing exploration and development of oil, 50 miles from the Florida coast.

    And, of course, Florida has a prohibition all around its state for no drilling and, yet, here it is going on and no American company is allowed to go there.

    GIBSON: Senator, the fastest shortcut around this problem, I would think, would be for the Republican president to call his brother, the Republican governor in Florida, and say, "Hey, we need to drill off Florida?"

    CRAIG: Well, it isn't just that. That certainly would help if we could get the governor of Florida and Floridians to agree with it, but we would have to change our policy with Cuba. We have an agreement with other countries in the world and, of course, much of the oil that's developed around the world is developed by many of our companies............",2933,193665,00.html

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    and chemtrails, and vaccinnes, and fluoride ... but it's okay, it's because they love us

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