another thread prompted me to look at aug 1st public tower. why don't they just shut-up

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    Stupid is as stupid does...


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    Married to the Mob

    another classic mis-quote of the WBTS!

    Respected scientists, such as Stephen Hawking, professor emeritus at the University of Cambridge, and Sir Martin Rees, Master of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, echo those stark warnings. They feel that mismanagement of technology and the human impact on the environment may irreversibly change life on earth or even end civilization.

    Here's what they really said about the subject:

    Stephen Hawking said that in the future we would work together as one unified group to solve the problems of the world. The problems are known and solutions too however political short-sightedness, racial differences so on and so forth will stop that and won't happen in our lifetimes.

    Sir Martin Rees did write a book called our final century or in the USA called our final hour (in a speech he said that it was called this in the us due to their need for instant gratification) however in the same speech he said that the world be around for a another 6 billion years until it is vapourized by the sun and the book was to highlight the concerns of science advancing unchecked without a moral compass. He also said that due to evolution that our species will be very different seeing the end of the world when compared to us today.

    If the earth is going to be around for 6m years, how the hell are the GB going to explain that one off as "one generation"????

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    who knows, who cares?

  • Sapphy

    It's "respected scientist" when they use a supportive quote, and "so-called scientist" when they refute.

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