Why Trust the Bible?

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  • gubberningbody

    I don't. I do believe that the people involved in the writing of the same were writing what they imagined to be the truth (even if the "Truth" needed a little editing and since I'm doing the writing this is why I thought it went down (or should have gone down like)) and that it is an interesting study and perhaps points to real events which may have happened, but have been highly edited either intentionally or unintentionally.

    If as Isaiah said in speaking what he imagined Jehovahs was saying when he "said" "I'm teaching you to benefit yourselves.", then we are making objective, verifiable claims about what manner of living produces the greatest health, wealth and happiness for humans.

    I don't think observations about pork, wearing clothes of different threads or "being nice" are really worthy of anything other than anthropological and sociological investigation.

    The scientific method and the evidence-based mathematical analyses of data available today provide a finer-grained utility than the cultural-religious-philosophy of the people who wrote the bible.

  • designs

    Now you see Perry is anti the Catholic persuassion yet Stephen calls them brothers, where does DD stand, its all such a unified field theory ya gotta love it.

    All taking lessons from 'trusted Bible'.

    Martin Luther and John Calvin are smiling down from heaven on the paradise they created.

  • Perry


    I am anti-deception and pro-Christian who is from in any religion. However, If a JW or Catholic strictly follows their religion they will likely not be saved. I explain why here:


    God isn't saving religions, just people.


    I do not know of a"prophecy" in scripture that is beyond doubt.

    Earlier in this thread I invited you to pick one from the many I presented on the link. Can you choose one and tell me what you find doubtful about it?

    Here's the link for convenience.

  • wobble

    Dear perry,

    thanks for the link.

    The problem is that the writers of the site have fallen in to the trap that Mad Sweeney outlined when he set up this thread, i.e using the bible to prove that the Bible is trustworthy.

    I looked at the first prophecy, it dealt with the seventy weeks of years, plenty of scholars have shown this was written very late, and not to end up with Jesus,(written before his time, so "Daniel" didn't know of him) but was to fit the times and evil acts of Antiochus Epiphenes and the times of the Macabees.

    So I thought I would look at the second "prophecy" , this was about Messiah being born in Bethlehem, the site proudly proclaims this as a well attested historical event, by whom ? only Bible writers with an agenda !

    So, tell me Perry, which Bible prophecy is going to convince me, by being demonstrably written before the event, and the event being independently attested to ?

  • Perry


    Here's 60 to start with. It is inconceivabe that all this data could be mined and acted out WITHOUT causing an uproar from the deception. Where's the outcry in the first and second century about an alleged conspiracy this vast?

    Daniel's critics answered here

    So, tell me Perry, which Bible prophecy is going to convince me

    Of course none of them if you don't want them to.

  • wobble


    I would dearly love to see a prophecy of scripture that is proven to be written before the event and the event is attested to independent of scripture.

    So far you have not shown me one.


    Wobble: So, tell me Perry, which Bible prophecy is going to convince me...
    Perry: Of course none of them if you don't want them to.

    But all of them if you do want them to!

  • wobble

    See my post above yours Gladiator, I really would love to see a prophecy that is convincing, but it has to fit the criteria, I am not a fool any more, I swallowed a lot of total bull**it from the WT and now I am free I am not going to take total rubbish arguments and base my life on them.

    I haven't seen one example that fits my criteria above.

    I suppose now I am going to be attacked for being too rigid in my criteria, NO for a prophecy to be convincing it must fit the above.

    The Bible does not have one.

  • Perry

    Wobble did you even read the Daniels critics aswered link?

    The evidence is staggering.

    I get the feeling that when it comes to bible prophecy ANY evidence secular or otherwise is not good enough for YOU.

    And that's ok by me.

  • wobble

    Dear Perry,

    I have decide that the whole question of Bible prophecy deserves a proper study by me ,and then I will start a new thread.

    Thank you for your interest,and the links, provided.

    "I'll be back." (Not necessarily as a Terminator, maybe a believer ?)

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