Is This Pretty Typical?

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  • bazackward

    So some guy on YouTube with user name "sweetmikser" posted a bunch of videos about the 2010 convention drama. My grandma mentioned how much she loves the drama, so I thought I'd see what she was talking about. Wow! There's Broadway, off-Broadway, community theater, school plays, and then this "drama" where it looks like they don't even let the "actors" even talk, they have to lipsync?! ...not to mention it's all about "first-century witnesses." Look, I was a history major -- there are no "first-century witnesses."

    Anyways, so there were a bunch of comments saying how wonderful the drama was and how it is the best part of the convention blah blah blah, so I posted a comment that said: "Silly JW's, there were no first-century JW's ...and if that was the best part of the convention, I'd demand a refund!" Well the kind JW who posted the video replied with the following:

    not sure what's wrong with you..... so the un-civil schmuck-turd arrogant sarcastic obnoxious uncool behavior will make me think you're in the right, I guess......
    anyway, there were the Lord's witnesses all through history.......since Abel. Not sure how you miss that. Just cuz the "Watchtower" wasn't around (duh) in the "first century", you whiny arrogant troll, does not mean that "Jehovah's witnesses" (the Lord's witnesses) in the general sense were not around. Oh, and by the're blocked (as you're obviously either a pagan Protestant, arrogant Atheist, or neurotic Apostate).

    Oh no, blocked?! Anybody get the impression he likes adjectives a little too much?
  • wobble

    I've never been called an "uncivil schmuck-turd" despite years of trying.

    I am proud of your achievement B'zack. Tee Hee.

    Amazing how they swallow the drivil about some form of JW's always having been around, why didn't Chuck Russell find them and join them then ?

  • nelly136

    pretty much

  • IsaacJ22

    Bazackward, I've found that there are several ways of handling this. You could point out that he is, himself (or herself) an ignorant shmuck turd for overreacting so badly. I mean, about being overly sensitive. This is the kind of person who got their ears plucked a lot in high school. Ya know?

    Or you could point out that some people think Abel was a Catholic, or a Methodist, etc... I'd suggest telling him that you thought Abel was a caveman because you're an evolutionist, or tell him that you thought Abel was a gay man because you're gay (not saying you're really gay) and watch him explode all over your post like a maniac. Then he'll be back every day of his life after that, waiting anxiously (nervously?) for a reply. From there, you could destroy him at your leisure.

    Whatever you say, make sure it's funny as hell. For me, at least. Then post it here.

    You could also check out his Yahoo profile and just make fun of it. I nearly did that to someone who made fun of my "Zippy the wonder rat" submission, but decided it wasn't worth it. (I am still waiting for the proper time to strike.)

    Not sure if I would completely let it go. Then again, I am filled with hate in real life, spending most of my time writing manifestos in dark rooms. Ya know. Maybe you shouldn't listen to me... Maybe.

  • brizzzy

    Positively Shakespearean. Actually, I'm a bit jealous. I wish I had such command of insults at my disposal. 'Twould be the height of my ambition to memorize all of the Dr. Cox rants from Scrubs and hoard them to use against some poor sap who cheesed me off.

    Also, is that last bit multiple choice? What if I'm an arrogant, neurotic, atheist apostate?

  • scotinsw

    Isn't it amazing how much love the brothers show!

    Yes, the drama is rubbish but as a kid who was sitting out in the freezing cold and rain on hard seats it was the only bit of the programme that you would bother to pay any attention to.

  • IsaacJ22

    Ah! I've got it. Post this:

    "Man, way to be long suffering. Not mention turning the other cheek."

    You can be morally superior and right at the same time!

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    The solution to all things JW related:

    Walk away and don't look back, unless you need a good laugh

  • Quandry

    Well, mostly the JW convention consists of.....Boring talk (audience begins to nod), followed by Experiences (interviews with people..audience perks up a little), followed by You should be doing more talks (audience somewhat agitated, thus more enlivened and squirming in their seats by the reminders that they can never measure up), followed by more boring talks (audience nodding with some actually snoring) followed by....THE DRAMA! (Music, people on stage sometimes in Biblical costumes, wildly waving their arms as they 'speak', people moving the fake rocks and furniture off and on the stage).

    You can understand why this is defended now, can't you?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I used to love how they could throw a gray blanket over a chair and it would turn into a boulder! Those cloaks must have been made by Galadriel herself!!!

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