Reflections on 42 Years of Apostasy

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    ....That was the title of a lecture given by Sandra Tanner in 2002. In the Mormon church, Ms. Tanner is arguably the "Grandmother of all apostates."

    Criticizing any church provokes some very human defensive responses and these are almost identical from church to church. Below is some of the correspondence that Ms. Tanner has recieved. Does any of it sound familiar?

    "Criticism of this religion is criticism of God"

    Are you not afraid of the consequences of what you are doing? Its APOSTASY that you are doing. It could have been better for you if you have not known the truth and then deny it.The church is true, i know it with all my heart. Pls stop destroying it. Remember what happened to Korihor? To Zezrom? We will be judge someday for everything that we do,.Pls stop doing this, if you have fallen away from the church then do not try to pull others down. I pity you for being doing this.

    "You're just mean"

    I think you are a cruel woman. Why must you attack the morman church? Why do you care if people believe in this? What have mormons done to you? Mormons are honest, hardworking people of faith. They serve their God and try to be good people. Yes, some make mistakes but who are you to say how evil they are? Are you God? I didn't think so. I think you are terribly disturbed and you need help.

    "You left because of your own moral flaws"

    I feel a true sorrow for those that have strayed from God's true church. If you can't live the commandments, please don't justify your lack of self control by trying to tear down The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It will do no good. Read the Book of Mormon, pray for help, and PLEASE, seek for forgiviness and come back to what you know to be true.

    "You're bitter and sad"

    Your so sad, and lost. If a word can describe the site that you associate with, it would be Lightminded with no factual basis for existence in the search for real truth. You offer nothing but disgruntled bitterness. Sad so Sad. Your loving brother, Rex. "He lives and his love is real", "he never forgets those who see there mistake and return to his fold".

    "God is gonna get you for this"

    The to of you are like the whoremongers of old, you whore out yourselves for money as you fight against the Lamb's Church and his innocent people. the spiritual blood of any who aposticize due to your lies and disgusting practices of money-changing-will be upon your heads at the last day of judgement-make no mistake, you will be in front of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who will declare to you..."depart from me, sandra and jerald tanner, you who would to wickedness in my name, ye who do evil continually, depart and go to the buring lakes of brimestone prepared for all anti-christs before the foundation of the world..

    I just wanna say that i hope you have fun talking with our heavenly father in the afterlife. It's people like you that have nothing better to do then to stir up crap. Leave your opinions to yourself. Why do you have to put anti anything up on the internet. I have been a member of the LDS church for thirty years and can honestly say that after reading your crap I am glad to know that I am in the lords true church. I find it funny that the church has grown as much as it has and is one of the welthiest churches in the world if not the most I wonder why Because its true and the members know it and follow the teachings of our prophet and general authorities. Talk about ripping off people for money your books are a joke only losers with no time on their hand have bought your books

    "You can't let go"

    Why do people spend so much time thinking about the mormon church, must have nothing else better to do.

    "The Church is true because it's true"

    I am a member of the Church. I have been for 7 years. I know with all my heart that it is true. Even if the whole world denounced the church and I was the only member left, that knowledge cannot go away. I feel great sadness when I read Tanner's (and others') garbage.

    "You're willing servants of Satan"

    First of all, because they so blatantly deny the truth and make mockery of the things which are sacred and thus bring upon themselves some very serious consequences. And that makes me sad because they are, like me, sones and daughters of God and thus, my brothers and sisters. Second reason I am sad is because there are others who are lead away by these "anti-Mormons". I feel like Satan is laughing. But he will not support his followers and the last day, neither will he be laughing forever.

    "Hummph! I'm not misled"

    Dear Sister, I am a new convert to the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. I can tell you for sure that I have not been brained washed by the church or the authorities. I love the church and know that it is true. I have a testimony that it is true. Also I know for a fact that we lived with Heavenly Father before this life. He wants us all to return to him. I will be receiving my endowments in September.

    "God uses the church despite the imperfections of its people"

    I find this all so disturbing. Why would anyone make it their lives work to break down other people's faith or keep people from the truth. I have only been attending the church for 8 years but it has been an incredible 8 years. I have met some great people and have been taken care of by my church family. It is difficult at times to keep all of the commandments and do what is expected of me but the blessing flow my way when I do. I love my church. I love the members and I can't imagine anyone being hurt by this church. Yes, there are some problems but we are all human. There are problems in every church. I think you can see Jesus in the hearts of the members that I know. I have never met a member I didn't love! This is the true church and I only wish I could bottle what I have felt every day since I became a member. Last Saturday I attended the baptism of a 15 year old boy who has a tough family life. The church has changed his life and his testimony is amazing for such a young boy. I don't know what happened to you but it is clear that Satan is at the helm. I will pray for you!

    Active Witnesses should have no trouble seeing that every single one of these responses is predicated upon the acceptance of doctrines and precepts unique to the Mormon church. None of these responses have any validity unless and until those assumptions are proven.

    Seriously --- Is God really going to punish those who disagree with the leadership of the Mormon church?

    ...There's a lesson to be learned here

  • RosePetal

    Very interesting TD thanks for posting the mormons and the Witnesses are like two bookends holding together two worthless pieces of false prophet literature the book of mormon and the watchtower, doing their normal rants, no one is aloud to question them. They can demonise every other faith including each other but any one dares critisize any of their teachings they throw a giant wobbly and label them apostates.

    Has any body thought of swapping the JW apologists rants over to mormons website and vice versa. Perhaps they can all sleep together and produce a hybred offspring and call them the Russell Rutherford Moroneites. That was my hubbys input . LOL



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