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  • EndofMysteries

    I wonder if anyone on this forum can design simple games? I was thinking it would be funny to have some out there. Such as instead of "Paperboy", could make "WatchtowerBoy", flinging watchtowers at people, etc.

    Or "MICROPHONEMAN", gotta get the microphone quicker to get extra points.

    Then have "The Attendent" which would be somewhat like a tetris have to seat families, individuals, and have no empty spots.

    Any video game ideas? list them!

  • OnTheWayOut

    How about "PLACEMENTS" ?

    You are the JW trying to face all the obstacles at the doors. Obstacles include pit bulls, slamming doors, irate grannies, wasting time talking to someone who won't even take the mags. High scores would be for most placements. A mag would be so many points while a book would be more.

    You could start with "easy" levels in rich neighborhoods with hardly any placements and hardly any obstacles, then work your way up to poor neighborhoods with many placements and many obstacles. Each person could choose a different character with different skills- a hot woman who places easily with men but doesn't do too well with obstacles, a slick saleman-like man who can keep people talking with average placement skills and average obstacle skills, a cranky old lady who bonks the dogs with her cane and takes no nonsense from hoodlums and gets the cane in the door and makes people take the mags but works the territory rather slowly, a young pioneer who is all about overcoming all obstacles and talking to everyone whether they are receptive or not. You get the idea.

    There could be a bonus round every 5th block or so where the JW has a time-limit to hit as many laundromats as possible and leave mags. Each bonus round would have a possible perfect score that would multiply your score, but it would really have to be played perfect by learning the exact route of each bonus round and smoothly executing that exact route.

  • EndofMysteries

    HAHAHAHAH love the idea Onthewayout hahahah

  • EndofMysteries

    A detective game called - "Disfellowship Master" - you start off in the Judical committee, your goal is to rake up as many points as possible by winning as many disfellowshippings as possible.

    You start off asking and selecting questions to gather your 'clues'. Then you go out in town and use those clues to ask 'witnesses' and possible spy out the person. Once you build the case, you then have the final hearing. If you didn't get enough evidence to df, you loose, if you got enough, the more evidence the more points then you go to the next round / meeting.

  • teel

    Lol great ideas, keep it coming. Here's mine:

    WT Study: The Game

    You are given an issue of ObservanceZiggurat, in effect an article with random words scrambled, with 3-4 words not being random, and actually having some meaning. You have to read through the nonsense trying to find the words that form a meaning and mark them.

    Phase two: in the study group each paragraph is taken one at a time, and when you are sure you got your words marked correctly, you press a button to answer. You are not guaranteed to be picked though. If you are picked and your marking is correct, you get points and the chance to be picked next time for answer is raised by a small amount, if it's wrong you get minus points, and the chance decreases.

    It's a bit harder than it looks, because the random words could apparently make sense too, but it would not be correct to mark them, so you should only try to answer on paragraphs that you are sure you got right.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Stumble Bum

    You are in a KH and you must stumble as many as possible.

    newbies 5 points

    publishers 8

    pioneers 15

    MS 25

    Elderettes 30

    Elders 50

    CO's 250

    GB 144,000 points

  • teel

    Here's one more: a meta game with all the ideas from this thread (future posts too). You start by making a weekly schedule sorting the mini games you wish to do on every game day. Some would be fixed (like the meeting based ones) - you can only enable or disable them, but disabling automatically decreases the global score of 'spirituality', so it's a strategic decision, only disable those to put some mini game in which you're very good.

    Your available time would be limited, so you have to select those in which you are the best. After every mini game your score affects the global score of your "spirituality". If the 'spirituality' decreases, the difficulty of the mini games automatically increases.

    If the score reaches zero, you get the special bonus round of JC - it could be a reflex-based mini game, where the Committee members throw some accusations at you, and you have to catch them. If you pass successfully, your spirituality is restored to a level depending on how well you did in front of the JC. If you fail, game over.

  • loosie

    how about a game where the goal is to have the longest skirt at the hall. You have to do all the right things to gain skirt length. extra study hours, extra feild service hours, don't ride in a car alone with a brother.

  • StAnn

    How about "Sheep & Goats"? You have to torture them to discern their true, hidden qualities and your invisible angel, who is traveling with you, finally tells you if your target is a sheep or a goat. For the goats, you get to throw them in the fiery Gehenna or crucify them on a torture stake. The sheep get to spend eternity cleaning the Kingdom Hall.

    St. Ann

  • Tuesday

    The Paperboy idea I'm fairly sure you could handle with just YY-CHR and a good hex editor.

    I know someone who is working on a video game that's like a role-playing game set in dub-land. I'm learning assembly so I can make an old school NES game but I really haven't thought of anything JW related. Though if I were going to do one I would probably make something like Contra saying that the WT finally flipped it's lid and declared war on all Apostates. Now the Apostates have to go through successive levels until they reach the Governing Body.

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