Who Sits In The Temple Of God Professing To Be God?

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    It's not a human or human organization

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    Cold Steel

    Although I'm not a JW, I would not be so quick as to dismiss scripture as being written by drug-induced fanatics. If one reads Isaiah 53 and considers what critics would say if the earliest manuscript we had of it was dated after 33 A.D., they would have a field day saying it was an "obvious" Christian contrivance. But it predated Jesus by generations. One of the reasons that the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs was never accepted into the canon of scripture was because it had so many obvious Christian fabrications. But now some scholars aren't so sure. How could the apostles, who were so obviously influenced by the book, have added such information in an overwhelmingly Jewish society? Certainly they would have been caught.

    Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zachariah and Jesus all prophesied that Judah would be gathered in the end times. And the Christian apostles, via revelation, directed the saints to go to such cities as Pella just before the Roman invasion. The Romans murdered innumerable Jews, but zero Christians, because the Christians had been forewarned. If one reads Zachariah 12 and 14, for example, it's like reading the newspapers. Zachariah speaks of Jerusalem as being a "burdensome stone" for all people having anything to do with it. Bingo. It spoke of her enemies as being "round about" her. Bingo. It speaks of the Messiah being "pierced." Bingo, again. And it goes on and on.

    So one should at least study the scriptures before casting aspersions on the writers. Jesus indicated that the scriptures were written intentionally in such a way as only those with a desire to understand them would. I think suce is indeniably true.

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    Your exactly RIGHT ColdSteel.

    A point you made, was about those who were forewarned and knew what to do when Jersusalem was surrounded.

    God is NOW DOING THAT AGAIN. I don't know when it started, but seek hard, he is revealing many many details on what is about to happen. How do I know it's true? because as I drop in on seeing it, some are already happening!

    Only reason I say anything but don't say what I see, is because would be jumping ahead before done getting the whole message. Not knowing if allowed and when, but atleast alerting others that there is one to be seen.

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    Could you put that in one or two sentences please so I don't have to wade through all that text?

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    Cold Steel!

    Which Organization today has a verbal message or letter that has the appearance of coming from the true Apostles? Recall what Paul had said: "AS THOUGH FROM US." That lays it on the doorstep of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses; because no one else has that verbal message or letter. Wannabe

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