separating the sheep from the goats

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  • James_Slash

    I would say that the JW's are right on this subject. However, I wouldn't be too comfortable if I was them in thinking that this is taking place within the congregation.

    I would say that this is DEFINITELY happening where God is concerned. He is obviously highlighting the Paedophile problems and allowing this to take its course. Its obvious to me that he wants no connection to this evil organisation.

    Like Jesus said in Matthew 7:23 "And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’"

  • jookbeard

    100% James


    DEFINITELY - is a dangerous word to use unless we have absolute proof. Once we have a definite opinion we stop examining other possibilities.

    Maybe and perhaps - leave room for growth.

  • frigginconfused


    Once we have a definite opinion we stop examining other possibilities.

    I always try to tell my JW mom this. People learn the "truth" and cling to it. All of a sudden they put blinders on. How can you be open to truth if you made up your mind that your sticking with your current beliefs?

    I on the other hand have my beliefs. They are always up to be challenged and if someone makes a better point I immediatley switch my ideas. Thinking like this has allowed me to make huge spiritual progress.

    Too bad the GB wants blind followers. Someone that searched and found for themselves is gonna be a stronger believer. And always being open to real truth will make you a more aware person.

  • James_Slash


    I would say that this is a DEFINITE example of God (or Jehovah) call him what you wish, outlining his intention to separate himself from the organisation that seems intent on dragging his name through the mud. I cannot believe that the God we read about in the bible would be content in the knowledge that Paedophiles are welcome in an organisation (which claims to represent everything he stands for) to continue their reign of terror - whether it be by action or by presence alone.

    Jesus stated that he wanted to children to come to him - would he be happy that certain individuals are allowed to prevent this happening if it was the true religion?

    I've come to the conclusion that there can't be any other reason for these things being exposed. The JW's will call it the devil discouraging people from joining, but they seem to forget that the devil is in their midst by friendly association with such ones who are even viewed by the 'wicked world' as the slime of society.

  • teel

    Don't want to derail your topic, but note that JWs don't believe the 'separation' work goes on right now any more, but it will happen in the future. You know... new light and all.



    Thank you for your comment. You have expressed what I was aiming to.


    I appreciate that you are sincere but there is a difficulty with saying 'I've come to the conclusion that there can't be any other reason for these things being exposed.'

    Paedophiles exist in every society and every effort is made to expose them. Their being outed is not unique to the JWs.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I concur, to me making categorical statements of what God or Christ are doing or thinking or feeling about anything not stated in the scriptures like the WTS do and some posters on here do all the bloody time is to say the least arrogant, ...and quite likely blasphemous to boot.

    (not having a bash at you James_Slash, but making a point for your benefit)

    We have hopes of such, but to make them statements of unbounded fact is asking for a slap.



    A slap is out of the question.

    I have finished work for the day and sheathed my sword. I will soon be going out into civilised society for the evening, dressed in my civvies.

  • James_Slash

    Witness my fury,

    I take your point and perhaps I was quite candid about this. However, the scriptures also point towards what God finds acceptable and what he doesn't - surely the protection of paedophiles is something that is abhorrent to God and what makes it worse is that it is supposedly being done with his blessing????

    But I take on board the point you have made. Perhaps I should have used the words "maybe" and "perhaps" to make my point. It was a slip on my part but after the last few days I cannot help but feel extremely angry and disturbed that these issues still remain within the WTBTS.

    Again, apologies if I have offended anyone but I am sure that most can see the point I was trying to make. Its not like God or Jesus haven't denounced and abandoned their so-called followers before.

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