Weird JW response to death?

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  • Robert7

    My wife had a friend who was DF'd at the time. He died in a motorcycle accident. Elder's wife said "Well at least he was already dead in Jehovah's eyes". So cold hearted...

  • TD

    Conversation between my wife and another JW lady:

    Michelle: I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother! --Was she ever in the Truth?

    My Wife: Thankyou; No, she wasn't.

    Michelle: Oh good! ---It's better this way!

  • brotherdan

    I think the strangest thing that Witnesses do with death is wishing their "worldly" family members would die so that they can be in the paradise. After all, death pays for their sins, right?

  • undercover

    I went to a lot of funerals as a kid, both JW and non-JW family. Seems like I hit 5 and 6 right about the time a whole generation of my aunts/uncles/great-whatevers were all dying off. And then there were all the old timers from the hall.

    The family funerals were more emotional and people acted grief stricken. The JW funerals weren't too much different than any other meeting. Less laughing and a little more somber but no wailing or crying. Some of my family funerals, we only attended the grave side service because the actual funeral was in a church so we boycotted those.

    I also lost quite a few classmates during my school years. From second grade all the way through graduation some tragedy seemed to strike every so often and a classmate was killed.

    Those funerals were surreal for me, a JW kid. Well, not the funerals but the family visitations...I never went to the funerals being a dub. But to see all my classmates completely grief stricken and crying and carrying on. People who really didn't like each other putting differences aside and hugging and comforting one another. I felt out of place because I didn't feel what they did. I, being raised a JW, had not learned the actual finality of death. I was led to believe that it was temporary, asleep, waiting for resurrection. So seeing all these people pouring the hearts out was foreign to me and I didn't know how to share my feelings with them. As such, I'm sure I came across as cold and unfeeling...just like my JW parents.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    "We do not mourn as the rest/nations do", is the JWs answer for all things related to illness and death. It's no wonder they have such a twisted way of dealing with these traumatic events

    We all need bear hugs after living amongst the dubs. Here's one for you guys from me.

    edited: You know I've had 3 long-time JW relatives die recently. And at each one the "brother" read and discussed that scripture about the disciples telling Jesus that Lazarus must stink......

    Cult Classic

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