Montana man claims Yahweh sold him a house -

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  • JWoods

    Probably not a witness - didn't see where it said - but he just took the for sale signs out of the yard, moved in, and filed strange paperwork with the county.

    Charged with theft of property - house was worth $380,000.

    Interesting, I thought, in view of the threads we had about Beth Sarim today.

  • snowbird

    For some reason, Montana seems a magnet for crazies.


  • dinah

    Ya'll should really read "Evil Harvest"

  • undercover

    You'll see more of this...maybe not bought from Yahweh though.

    I read about lots of people in Florida bailing on their homes with the banks putting them in foreclosure. But there are so many houses under foreclosure and most of them not worth what's owed that they're not able to be sold. Some enterprising (though not honest) people have had the locks changed, put the utilities back in their name and moved back in. The banks can't keep up with all of them. I wish I could remember where I read it, I'd post the link.

  • dinah

    Hell, Undercover. Maybe Armageddon came and we missed it?

    Isnt' that what we always planned? Let the poor bastards get dead then move into the nicest houses we called on in field service?

  • Finally-Free

    Note to self:

    1. Don't mow lawn.
    2. Don't pull weeds.
    3. Be a slob.

    If the house is unattractive no one will want to steal it.


  • undercover
    Maybe Armageddon came and we missed it

    I guess it started in Florida but just hasn't gotten to all of us yet. I know which mansion I'm gonna snag when the big A hits those evil wordly people. It was still occupied the last time I staked it out drove by.

  • dinah

    Undercover you have a pm

  • undercover

    Dinah, you have a reply

  • beksbks

    I heard about a guy in New Orleans, that was making life miserable for several home owners. He had learned enough about the law to know how to file papers. It was a story on "This American Life" on NPR.

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