July 2010 Kingdom Ministry -Britain PDF

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  • yknot

    Credit to Fokyc!

    July 2010 Our Kingdom Ministry-PDF!

    See bottom of page.


  • besty


    Field Service Highlights

    There are many pleasing features to report relating to field service activity. During March, 130,596 reported field service, a 2 per cent increase over last year's average. There was yet another new peak of 9,812 regular pioneers. The total Memorial attendance was 222,795, with 284 partaking of the emblems.

    Not sure why taking a single month's publisher figures and comparing it (in a positive light) to last years average would be significant....unless you are dumb.

    Does anybody have last years numbers for Memorial and partakers?

  • Soldier77

    Wow. I haven't looked at one of these in 2-3 months and looking it over now, all three service parts for the month reek of MIND CONTROL.

    Thanks Yknot for the link. As much as I didn't want to look it over, it never ceases to amaze me the indoctrination that goes on each week.

  • Soldier77

    besty, look at page 3, "Wisdom Is Proved Righteous by its Works", or any of the 3 service parts for each week really....

  • besty

    ye I was assuming mind controlling tripe was a given - I was looking for something significant :-)

  • Soldier77

    hehe sorry, I guess I've had a few months to think clearly and then opened this up and it was so in your face to me.

  • brotherdan

    It's partly our fault that people are still falling for the WTBS. Why are we not standing up in public in opposition to them?!?

  • yknot

    In many ways BrotherDan by making these 'study aids' available to the broader public, we are allowing would be converts to fully examine aspects they are not privy to as an inital study.

    (BTW anyone have any thoughts on the two PDFs on the DCTalks thread...... knowledge is power!)

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/bible/195930/2/MP3s-2010-2011-DC-TALKS (bottom of page)

  • Gayle

    Last year's memorial attendance, 223,432. So a decrease, 637 less than last year.

  • undercover
    Why are we not standing up in public in opposition to them

    'cause it gives em a persecution complex and proves just what the WTS tells them... that people will hate and persecute them.

    And people believe what they want to believe despite the evidence contrary to those beliefs. When...and only when...they have questions or doubts themselves can you have a chance of showing them something

    But the force is strong in you, young Jedi...

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