Convention Questions - No.1

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  • IMHO

    Why is a Bethel Representative sent?

    Are they somhow better? Should we look up to them in awe?

    Why do they bring the love of the 'Branch Committe', as if they are a separate entity? Why not the love of the 'Bethel Family'?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Many of the talks are manuscripts. When I had mine there was a Bethel brother there at the sie of the stage who greeted me after I was done and commended me for staying with the text and making it real. I think it's further "quality" control. Perhaps simply CONTROL!

  • Kinjiro

    I used to look at them in awwww.... like "AWWWWWWWWWWWW SHITTTTT ANOTHER ASSHOLE!"

  • palmtree67

    Towards the end of my meeting/assembly attendance, this part of "sending love to each other" was wearing thin.

    "I bring the love of the BlahBlah congregation. Can I take your love back to them?"

    Followed by a quick round of bored clapping, completely devoid of any real emotion.

    I think it's become nothing more than a ritual.

  • babygirl30

    I NEVER understood this...the whole 'special talk' by a visiting Bethelite. What makes THEM so special? I swear, JWs treat Bethelites like Elvis personally made a visit to THEIR Khall - running over to the guy, wanting to 'touch' him and get his information. It's just gross. Idolatry at it's FINEST!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I think Wasanelder Once has it. It is so that they can bring a report back to the branch about the district or circuit. It isn't about gracing the rank and file with some awesome presence. It is about keeping the rest of the guys with talks from getting too independent or swelled heads.

    As with most things the Borg does, it is about control.

  • brotherdan

    It's part of the control. And it's not only what you might think. When I was at bethel they announced the "greetings" and attendences of all the conventions. It was a way to force you to realize that the work was going on worldwide. I tend to think it was more for the benefit of the bethellites than for the rank and file. But then again, the rank and file almost deify anyone in Bethel. When I would come home for a visit people would surround me and wait their turn to talk to me. It was a little ridiculous.

    I also remember visiting Witnesses that would hover around the GB members after lunch at Bethel in order to get their Bible signed by them. "A real life autograph from a brother of Jesus!!!!" They all but worship these guys. Do you remember having GB members talk at conventions? Who else gets an applause BEFORE and after their talk?!? Just them. Witnesses WORSHIP this organization and the men in it.

    Who DON'T they worship? Jesus Christ of COURSE!!!

  • serenitynow!

    As JWs we would be happy to have people from bethel. Lets face it, having your kid go to bethel is like a catholic family's kid going into the priesthood. Going to bethel is an honor in the JW world. When I was in my late teens I always said I wanted to live in NY, "around" bethel, but not in. I thought it would be cool to live around "the friends" but still have my own place.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Bethelites are the rockstars of conventions. Oh, it would be great for everyone to get Elvis or Van Halen or (you get the idea).
    But as long as they at least get someone they have never heard of, but can be said to be a Bethelite, the Dubs feel that Mother has sent a representative and she cares.

  • yknot

    Reaching out for the privilege of traveling with the DC is just another carrot used higher up on the food chain......

    In all fairness most theater productions have a line reader in the wings too, the DC is the JW version of a touring show

    My DC only gets Bethelites......sniff, sniff I want a GB.

    (luv and hugs for the lurkers and non-positing members who are part of the touring cast and crew this season)

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