Is all religion based on male power?

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  • ThomasCovenant

    Something in the news, I think, about women clergy got me thinking that all religion, particularly in the past, has been based on man's superiority over women.

    I, for one, wouldn't want to join any religion in which I was second class to penis less people.

    I was after all made in God's image whereas women were not.

    I can't help but think that religion has been a great force for perpetuating sexual discrimination.

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  • JustHuman14
    JustHuman14 the early human societies and religions Woman was the head of the Family and the leader of the community. This started to change just 4000 years ago and changed completely starting with Judaism and the Patriarchs, then moved to Christianity and Islamism. The last ones are the worst, they have turned Woman into an object and not HUMAN

  • debator

    Since women get exactly the same inheritance as men both earthly and heavenly and their role as a helpmate to man in the bible in no way lessons this. Then this shows the fault is with those that see this as a lesser role. Being submissive to men doesn't make women less equal it is just a different role. Do we accept women are weaker physically? Do we accept men cannot physically give birth to children? You are just confusing different roles.

  • yknot

    We are suppose to be equals. (See Gen 1:26)

    A man's ability to discen the balance of things without thinking himself totally superior is the challenge apparently.

    Male domination over female doesn't occur until after Eden.

  • blondie
  • wasblind

    Male dominance,

    HUH, Adam ain't payin' no bills up in this house, Eve is, and she 'da boss

  • BurnTheShips

    In my religion, the greatest natural human being to ever have lived is a woman.


  • truthlover

    When Adam was created, Eve was created as a complement - this could mean that Adam was deficient in some way and Eve made up for that deficiency -- she was not a compliment.....two different meanings


    also -= when God made "man" in His image, the reference is to Mankind as a whole for if you read further in same verse - its says that - in God's image, He created THEM- male and female, he created them....

    Ynot: your right -- it was only After Eden that women would be dominated by a man, knowing this, a man is not to be abusive, and is to regard his wife as something precious, as he would not harm himself, so to he would not harm his wife.

    but this did not stop God from recognizing Sarah, Ruth,the daughters of Zelophehad, Deborah - a prophetess and leader in Israel ...and knowing that God is not partial also helps.. Jesus definitely recognized their importance - the Samaritan woman at the well, Mary's, mostly it was women who stayed with Jesus, he appeared to them after his resurrection.. or so says Matt 28:5,8,9, women went to Jesus tomb -Mark 16:1,2 and Luke 24:10, Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene at John 20:12-16 - Jesus chose those who rule in heaven from those early men and women so he has no prejudice either..

    Breaking it down, - looks like men who kept women in a slave's condition from early biblical times continued on to the 1900's when women got the vote -- since then some religions have recognized women in the lead, but still mostly, of all the 10,000 + religions - men dominate

  • JWoods

    What about Mary Baker Eddy (sp?) of the Christian Science? Mother Theresa was at one time about as important as the pope.

    So, you could point to rare exceptions.

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