Uh oh! WWYD? Please help!

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  • NiceDream

    So I screwed up big time here. There's a nice young witness who is leaving the "truth". I sent them a short Facebook message and it seems their parent intercepted it...they asked if I sent anything to their kid today.

    I said it JWs are cultlike, I had doubts I wished I listened to, and to follow their heart. The parent is probably really mad right now...it's understandable. What would you do in this situation?

    I am foreseeing a JC for me in the future over this!!!

  • notverylikely

    "Uh oh, i must have left my FB account logged in at the library or someone hacked it"

    Or just go away.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Move to Australia.....we have plenty of room! I can get you a false identity....your new name is Croc Dundee!

  • NiceDream

    LOL, Australia sounds great...I'm screwed!!!

  • ziddina

    Do you mean that you said, "In my message to the kid, I said... 'JWs are cultlike, I wish I'd listened to my doubts, and as a young person with his/her own life to lead, you need to follow your heart' ..."


    Hmmm. That's not going to be easy to wriggle out of... Bet Blondie, Scully, Yknot, and others like them could help you, however...

    Pretty outright statements, tho... I like the suggestions that you claim your account was hacked. Do you have a rebellious teenager in your household who's willing to take the heat for your comments??? A sister/brother (fleshly relative) who isn't in the "Trooth" who'd be willing to "take the fall" for that little "foot-in-mouth" episode???

    Or, you could always claim that you were momentarily possessed by "demunzzzzz"... Zid

  • elderelite

    the only other idea is play the "in the heat of the moment, had a bad day routine" you were feeling a lot pressure (scriptures say opression can make a wise man act crazy) and deny you really meant any of it.

    or own up to it. say "hell ya i said it and i'll say it again". You'll get DF'd, but you'll go out proud.

    i'm not trying to be overly funny, or insensitive, but it really is a very tough situation. You have to decide if your ready to stand up and make your move or play the humble repentant card and wait it out.

  • brotherdan

    What exactly did you say? Did you just give encouragement or did you give actual advice?

  • NiceDream

    I said "A few months ago I realized JWs are clutlike. I wish I'd listened to my doubts years ago. Follow your heart. If you need to talk, I'm here."

    Maybe I can say, yes, I was trying to reach his heart so he knows he's not alone. We all doubt at times, and we can work through them???

  • NiceDream

    This is a really good lesson for anyone who wants to reach out to others!!! Don't trust anyone!!!

    I could try the hacked thing too...I'd like to be kinda honest though.

  • yknot

    How about saying you were using 'reverse psychology'..........

    You thought the person was in 'serious spiritual danger' but felt if they talked about things you could draw them back to the truth....

    Then act all humble and say you realize now how unqualified you are........it was your pride and next week's WTStudy

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