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    I am slowly building a list of questions designed to help JW's "think" about the "truth". Please let me know if you think they can be refined or added to.



    1. Specifically, what was Jesus looking for in 1918 when he looked upon the Earth to identify his Faithful and Discrete Slave?

    2. When spotting the Bible Students, now Jehovahs Witnesses, what were they dispensing that pleased him? Were other groups dispensing the same spiritual food?

    3. What are the benefits to the Society as a result of having Holy Spirit directing it?

    4. What are the benefits of being God's channel of communication?

    5. What does God communicate through the channel and how does he do it?

    6. Does Jehovah support what the Governing Body publishes in the Watchtower? If so, what evidence do you have of his support?

  • Titus

    Questions again..............


  • bohm

    S Eight:

    1) faitfullness, preaching (ie something that would grow to a worldwide preaching work), "deep bible truths", and discreteness.

    2) others was preaching must of the say, see the idea of the 2000 years old slave, yet jehoahs witnesses was collecting many of the teachings and would later have much more truths than they had back then, "the light would grow brighter". In particular: stuff like preaching, meeting often, jesus ransom, no immortal soul, no hellfire, no trinity.

    3) Jehovah is using the slave for his end. this is why they are the most organized and happy people on the planet, with the most organized preaching work. They also get new light from time to time (though the holy spirit), which proove jehovah is using them.

    4) the FDS want no benefit to itself, but the benefits are many: eternal life, happiness and knowing you are serving jehovah

    5) new bible truths. the GB will sometimes, under prayer and carefull delibration on scripture resieve new light, ie a new understanding of the deep things in the bible.

    6) Yes, because it is his chanel of communication to his people on earth. You can tell because the books and magasines are used in the successfull preaching work in this evil time of the end. If you want proof that jehovah is actively using the watchtower magasine, you can just look at the new understandings that come from time to time: They must clearly be from jehovah.
    Notice that since the magazines are written by men, sometimes they put human wisdom and poor understanding in the magazines. Notice here that even at Bethel there is apostacy from time to time because the devil is out to get Gods chosen people even more now the end is near, providing additional proof this is Gods organization.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Why generally makes a better question to thave to think about than What.

    Rephrase them into Whys...



    Good point WMF. Thanks.

  • bohm

    E Eight: (dont worry, i havent blown a gasket). I think there is a slight problem with some of the questions because they allow diffuse answers in cult-speech; i tried to answer them in best "jw-style" i can, ie try to detract the conversation and throw in subjective red herrings like the new light and "happiest people on earth". I think more narrow questions could be something like:

    1) Describe the chronological system Charles Taze Russel believed in up to 1914.

    2) The watchtower state that one cannot be dogmatic about the minor blood components, and it follows that one CAN be dogmatic about the major components. What scriptual argument is used to destinguish between a minor blood component and a major?

    3a) Are there any non-jw historians or archeologists who believe jerusalem fell in 607bc?

    3b) How come the bible says the 70 years of servitude would end before the king of babylon was punished, yet the watchtower says it happened 2 years after?

    4) Has the watchtower ever misrepresented its past beliefs, ie. claimed they once believed something, when they never did that?

    or the more soft ones:

    1) The 99.9% of all people who have been mislead religiously by Satan, what error has they done in examining their position?

    2) How should a person examine an organization before joining it?

    3) Should a person stop examining an organization after he has joined it and think its okay? (compare to the 99.9% who are mislead)

    4) Should such an examination be both what they have taught in the past and what they teach now? What if there are allegations of controversy and falsified history, should that be examined?

    5) Should this examination only be done from sources puplished by the organization itself? How abot former members?

    6) Why would an organization tell its members not to examine what it teach, and not listen to people who used to held high positions but now claim they left because they found out things they did not like? What can this signify?


    Thanks for the input Bohm. Helps to refine the questions.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Don't ask more than one question at a time. They just shut them all out and you might as well go to the pub and have a game of darts.

    Know the answers, especially the stupid ones.

    When they say something that you know contradicts the Watchtower, ask them to prove it.

    If you have to show them something, it has to be something they trust, like their litter ature, and make them read it to you.

    If they are stumped, it might be best to STFU and go home and let them think about it.

    Overload doesn't work.

    There is a thread here with 35 questions in it. Forget it. You won't get them to concentrate on the best ones. You might not even get them to try the first one.

    I would drop your first four questions. They might be important to you, but if they are not important to them, you have wasted opportunities. You might not get many before they shut you out.

    Five and six are two part questions. They should be asked separately so that they commit to the first half before getting the second part.



  • debator

    Why do you have to give people questions on here to confront witnesses with? Couldn't they think of questions for themselves?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    1) Describe the chronological system Charles Taze Russel believed in up to 1914.

    Very few JWs would know. Even less would have literature of the era for you to refer them to when they get it wrong.

    3) Should a person stop examining an organization after he has joined it and think its okay? (compare to the 99.9% who are mislead)

    Before you ask this type of question, you should know that the person has Watchtower literature available that shows they have double standards if they agree ................ and you should know how to use it. Some Dubs are likely to give loopy answers on a question like this too. Be prepared for the unexpected.

    Finding a great question is only the first part of the battle. Nailing it to their forehead so that they get the message is like trying to kill an eel with a teaspoon.

    They need to want to answer a question too, so be careful how you pose it. You should try not to sound like an opposer of any description.



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