Regularity in meetings and study, and brainwashing.

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  • confliction

    Okay, so i was just doing some research on brainwashing and it's effects and how it's put into practice, and I thought this might be interesting to a few of you. -> "How Brainwashing Works"

    "...While most psychologists believe that brainwashing is possible under the right conditions, some see it as improbable or at least as a less severe form of influence than the media portrays it to be. Some definitions of brainwashing require the presence of the threat of physical harm, and under these definitions most extremist cults do not practice true brainwashing since they typically do not physically abuse recruits. Other definitions rely on "nonphysical coercion and control" as an equally effective means of asserting influence. Regardless of which definition you use, many experts believe that even under ideal brainwashing conditions, the effects of the process are most often short-term -- the brainwashing victim's old identity is not in fact eradicated by the process, but instead is in hiding, and once the "new identity" stops being reinforced the person's old attitudes and beliefs will start to return..."

    So, paying attention to the highlighted text, you see that brainwashing effects are short term, meaning that if you only endure a single brainwashing session, the effects will fade away rather quickly. This means that to perpetually and effectively control someone's beliefs and identity / personality, you must indefinitely continue regular brainwashing sessions. This is important, because if there is any break in that chain, the person will relatively quickly start to regain their former personality, attitudes, and identity, as well as the ability to think critically.

    I know that this fits in to our meetings almost perfectly, since going to, and "paying attention" during meetings for 17 years of my life.
    To effectively brainwash someone, you must undermine their ability to trust their own thinking abilities- make it easy and tell them you'll think for them. What better way to do this than to say that you aren't telling them what to do, but god is. That way, if they don't listen to you, they're denying god.

    The next step is to incorporate your rules, but with REPETITION. Repetition is important here, as without it, the effects of brainwashing begin to wear off.

    If meetings are really supposed to be a place for "spiritual food" and biblical education, then no doubt you would be learning about the "deeper things of god", correct?

    Well, all I see are a few randomly quoted and cited scriptures to back up rules and to stop personal opinion/reason at the door. I don't know about you but I feel like learning something I never really knew about the bible before, don't you?

    Let's see what's in store for today's rigidly scheduled and meticulously maintained brai- I mean, meeting:

    Saturday, July 10

    A large door that leads to activity has been opened to me.—1 Cor. 16:9.

    In 1919 the glorified Jesus Christ placed “an opened door” before the anointed remnant. (Rev. 3:8) “A large door that leads to activity” is still wide open to all of Jehovah’s servants. Those passing through it find joy and satisfaction as they have a greater share in the preaching of the good news. You young servants of Jehovah, how highly do you value the incomparable privilege of helping others to “have faith in the good news”? (Mark 1:14, 15) Have you considered serving as a regular pioneer or as an auxiliary pioneer? Kingdom Hall construction, Bethel service, and the missionary field are other opportunities that may open up to many of you. Since time is running out for Satan’s wicked world, entering these avenues of Kingdom service becomes more urgent every day. Will you go through the “large door” while there is still time?
    w08 5/15 4:15-17

    July 5 Bible reading: 1 Kings 7-8

    No. 1: 1 Kings 8:14-26

    No. 2: Why Are We Warned About Becoming Wise in Our Own Eyes? (Isa. 5:21)

    No. 3: When People Cast Aside the Bible Standard on Sexual Morality, Do They Really Gain Freedom? (rs p. 187 ¶5–p.188 ¶2)

    Alright, so, le'ts recap what spiritual enligtenment I've gained from this week's meeting. First, from the text, I've learned that the end is very near, and I must hurry and do all I can for God's organization here on earth, while there's still time, because I'm obviously not doing enough- there's very little time to think things through.

    Next, we have our bible reading. I am to read 1 Kings 7-8. That is all.

    After that, I must listen to someone read from 1 Kings again. Okay...

    For the No. 2 Talk, I have learned that I shouldn't trust my own thinking abilities.

    Finally, I learn that one great night of sex becomes... well I'll let the society tell me what happens:

    "Illicit sexual relations may, at the moment, seem pleasurable. But they lead to loathsome diseases, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, jealousy, a disturbed conscience, emotional turmoil, and certainly the disapproval of God, upon whom our prospects for future life depend."

    So, diseases, a disturbed conscience, emotional turmoil...... so far it sounds like I boned a dog with aids... just sayin'.
    Alright, so my hormonally and instinctually strong and innate desire to "do it" is all wrong, and god will hate me for it.
    I get it.

    Yup. I guess I didn't really learn anything new at the meeting this time... :( oh-well.

    Dispense your life to the Organization.
    Don't think for yourself.
    If you have sex you will die.

    Just the repetition of rules, repeated in the same way every week- no deviation from the arrangement allowed.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Yes, regular meeting attendance is very important to maintain the mind control.

    On the other hand, I know people DFd for 10 years and more who still believe JWs have "the truth" even though they couldn't really articulate current JW doctrine, so there are some parts of the mind control that stick long-term, as well.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I'm with MS on this. Yes, many need the constant bombardment of indoctrination sessions on a regular basis to stay within the thought control of WTS. But the difference for many is that they want to believe in it, or they want to be accepted by family without going through the shunning.

    That said, many return to the fold after meeting "trouble" in the world outside of JW's. Some are burned out on religion and reading and make no effort to learn anything contrary to JW doctrines.

    People are all over the map on this. For the most part, it's true. Break the cycle and the person frees himself of it.

  • flipper

    Good points by OTWO & MAD SWEENEY . The people I have known who were DFEd for years and returned to the Witness organization didn't do any research or information fact finding on the internet while they were in a DFed state. I know, as I was ONE of those DFed ones for 4 years who went back after the 9-11 attacks scared the hell out of me . Even though I was DFed in 1998 , I thought Armageddon was hitting in Sept. 11 2001 - so it frightened me in a mind controlled state into getting reinstated in May 0f 2002.

    Injustices committed by elders caused me to permanently stop attending meetings in Dec. of 2003 - and it wasn't until 3 years later in 2006 I started doing research as a faded ex-JW on the internet which helped me to see that the WT society was a mind control cult deceiving their members. I didn't even KNOW about the child abuse problems in the WT organization until reading it online in late 2006 !

    So the danger of Jehovah's Witnesses NOT having access to other informaton can't be overemphasized in how the WT society continues successful in " mind controlling " or " brainwashing " JW members to ONLY look at things THEIR way. They don't allow them access to look at ANY other views. And then with the constant barrage of mind controlling meetings seeping into their neurotransmitters in their brains - witnesses don't have a chance in hell to break free UNLESS they STOP attending meetings

  • WTWizard

    This is why they waste so much time discussing why people should not miss the boasting sessions. Every one is essentially the same old information as the last 50. Do more field circus. Pio-sneer. Reach out to be a hounder. Study the Washtowel and Asleep rags more.

    The boasting sessions are, in fact, so repetitive and wasteful that I have been better able to keep up with what is going on within the witlesses as an apostate than most active witlesses are as active witlesses. Without setting foot in a Kingdumb Hell, I have seen the horrible reviews of the Kingdumb Maladies, hounder-hounder talks about how we need to waste 4 hours on Family Waste the Evening night (which I heard about months before the witlesses did), and that they are doing more waste of paper distribution campaigns to hound people to do more time.

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