Preacher Jimmy Swaggart and JW Lawyers

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  • waiting

    Hi, Red Horse, SC, and Friend,

    Please go to the topic WHAT SIMON DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW asap. Close to the end is Friend's response to me about postings. He gives 4 or 5 sites where he has or is currently posting and the quick URL (?) way to get to these discussions..

    Fascinating enough, there is a spirited, long, discussion of Jimmy Swaggart on H20 dated 12/99 under the same name. Friend uses very pointed arguments for the Society and it would be WELL worth your time to visit. Made me sit back and think.

    Also at Discussion.Witnesses (?) there is a long thread on Freedom of Thought 5/25/00. Furman is not long for that net, in my opinion.

    I'm going back now to read Friend's posts more. I have been reading with too much emotion in our forum. It is enlightning to read Friend's posts on other forums.

    Our Circuit Overseer just visited our congregation. I felt the same way after reading Friend's posts. Spiritually upbuilt, specifically towards the Society.

    Thank you, Friend, you are knowledgeable.

  • Scorpion


    Friend does have a way with words.

  • Seven

    I appear to be in the minority when I say I find Friend's mundane regurgitations to be both unstimulating and unimpressive. I have been exposed to the works of far too many great thinkers and visionaries to be so easily amused.

    waiting-I received this quote via email today from
    a friend: Don't consume too much on an empty mind-makes you dizzy and disoriented. As our resident Queen of Quotes I thought you might want to file it away for future use. I think he was quoting Ken Wilber there but I'm not certain.


  • waiting

    YO 7!!!!!

    How are you tonite? I've argued with good and bad, and Friend is good, in my humble opinion. He can turn persons round in circles - and then say that they're too simplistic to realize that they have given a circular argument. I know, I've been a recipient of his teaching.

    Just makes me dizzy thinking about it. His posts, particularily on the blood issue - not here - but on the H20 Forum outpost, is really good, not so much for the Society, but for thinking and compatability between thoughts of brothers and others. It was a good post.

    However, the way he posted to persons on H20 is rather like the way he posts to us. I think we're in a odd situation - and my therepist said I understate things.

    Other than that......seems to have calmed down, huh? Frenchy has the longest jokes, how 'bout you?

    I haven't been exposed to many great thinkers and visionaries, I've been a JW for 30 years.

  • Seven

    Dear waiting, I am fine tonight, thank you. I don't find it the least bit beneficial to be pivot
    man of the moment in someone's circle jerk. If this is what floats your boat and you find it educational-then enjoy. He can teach me nothing. I will not mention another word on this subject. Live and let live.
    I want to say that I care about you and wish you well on your journey. You don't have to apologize for being a JW for 30 years-at least you are real.


  • Scorpion


    I meant that Friend has a way with words when I said Friend has a way with words.

    OH NO, I am starting to sound like him.

  • waiting

    Hey 7,

    What are you talking about? Have you been somehow offended by my saying that Friend can post well, even eloquent, postings on H20 and other places? It doesn't mean I like him - but it does mean I recognize he can throw words together better than I can.

    The quote I was referring to was calling all sides to think about the blood issue. I have no problem with that. Now, he may be privy to advance material from the Society that I may not be, but give the man credit where it is due.

    He has run me in circles in his debates - and I THINK I've learned to qualify my statements better. However, my statements themselves have not changed - MOST make sense.

    At least, no matter who Friend is and where he posts, I'll be forwarned to be qualitive in my statements - and that's not such a bad thing, is it?

    After all, at least in my neck of the woods, JW's are famous (unqualified) for making wide generalizations, particularily about what the Society teaches. I used to get so tired of being the "rebuttal answerer" during the WT studies. "If we will look in par.., line..., 3rd word over....the Society is not saying......."

    See ya.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Now SC, when you say "words", how are you qualifying this? Do you mean putting words together in phrases? Do you mean words, as in spelling? Or perhaps are you referring to the use of large words, many words, clear words, erudite words?

    Really, SC, you must be more specific.

  • Scorpion


    I concede to your superior use and meaning of the word, words. ;-)

  • Roamingfeline

    I agree with Frenchy.. it's DISHONEST. And shady.

    Also, at our congregation, we were told we should put a contribution in the box equal to what we felt the magazines were worth, (and were reminded that costs go up all the time!) THEN, if we received a contribution at the door for them, we were also to put THAT contribution in the box for the world wide work. Now if that isn't putting a load onto the backs of the poor publishers with no education and menial jobs (due to the Society's "no education" policy) pray tell, what is? They are no different than Babylon the Great. Wake up and smell the coffee. [8>}

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