Question About Breast Photographs

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  • AudeSapere

    Cool!! LOTS of responses. Thanks, everyone~!!

    Beks - Thanks for helping to keep it clean. I would have hated to come home and found the thread was pulled before I even got to read any comments.

    Elderlite - Don't know what you posted, but thank you for editing. Even though I personally may (or may not) have appreciated the comment or photo, it just takes one person here to start the others down a 'blue' road. I've had a few of of my posts pulled because of that and that's why I made my special request. Thoroughly appreciated your prior comments on this thread.

    Penny wrote: I think it's a perfectly fine idea. Imagine when you're 90, looking back, "wow, that's how I used to look."


    brotherdan wrote: Throwing my 2 cents in. Women tend to have HORRIBLE self esteem following breast surgery. So I think a little innocent shoot to make her feel beautiful would be in fine taste.

    Kind of one last hurrah. A little fun. A little flirty. That's what I'm thinking.

    beks wrote: Some days it will bring me a smile to remember, or even pride. Some days it will hurt like hell.

    Interesting point. Great analogy. But maybe better to have them and just not look at them if it brings sadness.

    Boyfriend and/or female professional photographer who happens to be a witness may do the shots. Still thinking on it. Fun chat among good friends in the meantime. Boyfriend is up for it. JW photographer has not been asked yet.

    As an active JW through teens, 20's, 30's, and part of 40's, clothing was extremely modest. Fun to flirt with something that was once considered naughty and just have clean, innocent fun and celebration of femininity.

    Thanks again for all the responses so far. I was so pleased to see so many comments!! Thank you~!!


  • Leolaia

    Knowing my personality, if I were in that situation, I would probably do it. I agree with beksbks, it may later bring both pain and comfort, but that's life and I would rather preserve something of the now rather than missing the chance entirely once the opportunity is past.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    As a woman approaching 50 myself, I think it's a fine idea. I wish I had appreciated my body more when I was young and healthy.

    It's true that the picture may tie her to the past, but to be fair, doesn't every picture tie us to the past? Every picture of ourselves when we were young could invoke sadness at losing the past. Or happy memories. It has more to do with our mental attitude than the picture.

  • nelly136

    if she has great boobs maybe she wants to remember them the way they were, if (hopefully it wont come to it) theres a mastectomy on the horizon then reconstructive surgery often follows....

    so maybe shes hedging her bets, so if theres cosmetic work done later she can whip out the pics and say she fancies another pair just like that or a couple of inches higher bigger whatever.

    mastectomys can be defemising, some women feel like theyre not whole after so maybe its her way of reminding herself that she was is and will be just as much a woman when its all over....bit like a personal goal thing.

    who knows, but no i dont think its weird.

  • Ténébreux

    It's not a weird idea at all. I remember reading somewhere that actress Christina Applegate did a private photo shoot before having both breasts removed due to cancer, just to have some sort of memory of them.

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