Ray Franz Emails: Part 2

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    every time I go back over what Ray says I find something new

    "Many former Witnesses make a 180° turn in virtually all doctrinal beliefs. They have either been convinced or allowed themselves to be convinced of certain doctrines. During the many decades of my association with the Witnesses I was also convinced, sincerely so. My beliefs on many, many points has changed radically; but I have not made some type of wholesale change, simply because I have made change only where the Bible itself led me to such change. What I regrettable is the fact that, while changing radically their beliefs, many former Witnesses retain the dogmatism that so characterizes the Watch Tower organization and other religions who claim to posses "absolute truth." Some who leave become even more dogmatic as regards their new views ("new" to them, though essentially part of the creed of orthodoxy developed over the centuries). As I mentioned to one acquaintance, among some of these "ex-Witnesss" groups I feel like I am back again among Jehovah's Witnesses, with their attitude of having the Truth, the only truth (truth in this case generally being the equivalent of "orthodox" doctrine.) In place of the organization controlling their thinking and requiring subservience, dictating how they shall understand Scripture, orthodoxy now does the same."

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    Curtains, thanks for bringing this back and broDan for sharing it in the first place.

    Awesome letter! It ties up a lot of loose ends for me, especially about the trinity belief.


    "I don't know." - now that could be a refreshing quote for the 'Years Text'!


  • Curtains

    "I don't know." - now that could be a refreshing quote for the 'Years Text'!


    it sure would clarity ;))))

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    Indian Larry

    Thanks for bumping this back to the top. Excellent point.

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    Thanks for this too, Londo. And thanks to Ray (wherever he may be) for his caring and to Dan for sharing his private emails.

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