hated guilt-tripping expressions

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  • VoidEater

    "Certainly we would WANT to join the FDS in this important door-to-door work!"

  • Paulapollos

    "The Borg has redefined the word "encouraging" to mean "motivating toward obedience" when it doesn't mean anything of the sort. These parts are supposed to be "encouraging" in that the listener is supposed to feel DIScouraged about their current behavior and therefore motivated to conform to the expectations of the Borg."

    excellent point madsweeney

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Thanks. I'm developing a hobby around studying the use of language in psychological manipulation.

  • Paulapollos


    that sounds very interesting. Do let me know some of the points you have come across.

    Reading this thread and the point you mane makes me consider how the organisation have redefined the meaning of words such as "encourage", "slave", "discreet", "faithful", "evidently", the recent example of "generation", and of course, in this particualr context, "guilt".

    Although the proverb says something like the "foolish make a derision of guilt, but there is agreement of among the upright ones", the WT have redefined the semantics of the phrase to indicate that it is ok to make JW's feel guilty about their service, or supposed lack thereof. A very dangerous and irresponsible thing - no wonder so many people find the experiences "discouraging".


  • Vinny

    The WORST guilt-tripping line that I saw used too many times to count (and used it myself probably thousands of times) was the classic: "We missed you at the meeting last night".

    Now how many times did we really mean just that, that they were truly missed ; and how many times did we really just want to slap them with some good old fashioned GUILT TRIPPING because they got to stay home ?

    And then, after I slapped them around with it, you can be sure when I missed a meeting and then saw that same ole chap, it was now my turn.

    Hey Vinny, we sure did miss you at the meeting last night.

    (Real translation)

    Hey Vinny, your sorry ass had no good excuse to miss the meeting (cause you sure seem great now) and since you guilted me in front of elders when I missed the meeting I'm gonna make you pay and pile it on now.... it was one of the best talks EVER that you missed too.


  • Quandry

    I remember a youngish woman from a nearby Khall years ago.

    She had six children-some still really young- but was a regular pioneer.She did not have anywhere near a stylish look, rather a bit ragged around the edges. Even at the time I remember thinking that she should be at home, cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes for her family, and supervising homework for all these children.

  • jamiebowers

    I hated those guilt tripping expressions, because it usually got me a beating. My crazy jw husband insisted that I regular pioneer for his glory while at the same time resented me for doing so. Also I had countless sisters who either had a gaggle of children or who were tired and middle aged to elderly that constantly asked me to help them find a way for them to pioneer as well. What the hell did I know? I was young and healthy, had no children and only worked part time.

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