Kingdom Ministry Textbook 2010

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  • sherah

    JWN rocks!

  • sir82
    I'm more curious as to what they they want us to do with the Flock books upon recieving this new book. The letter if i remember correctly stated we would recieve instructions on what to do with the Flock books. It sounded real Mission Impossibleish.

    I anticipate they'll make everyone turns theirs in.

    Everyone, that is, except for devilishly clever elders who have keys to the filing cabinet where the books from "deleted" elders are stored.

    Very likely there are several there from ex-elders who have died, moved away, or are otherwise forgotten about, and no one would miss their book if it were to "mysteriously" disappear.

    And if, somehow, that "mysteriously disappeared" book were to turn up in the position of that hopelessly corrupt and evil elder, why, he'd have 2 copies of the book. He could turn in the "mysteriously disappeared" copy and keep his own for future reference.

  • miseryloveselders

    Sir82 after reading that post, I just had the same guilty feeling I had the very first time I started lurking here. And you know what? I liked it!!!

  • yknot

    (hugs-JWF- hugs)

    Tread carefully....... so as not to wake the drunken beast riding harlot when you sneak out of her bedroom library!

    You naughty, naughty boy you....

  • bohm

    My girlfriend is fading and it would be really usefull if we had it ASAP so we can "adjust" things we do that may get us into troubles - im not saying it to hurry you, just want you to know that if you help get it out in the wild, you may help a lot of people!


  • Mr Moody
    Mr Moody

    Well done JW Freak....that would be really useful information...When you get a pdf version post it up as I will print off a few to post anonymously to one or two Elders I know

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Once again, food at the proper time courtesy of JW Freak!!



    p.s. They never asked for my old elder book back when I stepped aside. Slackers.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Hopefully a few Elders will wake up if they see the likely tighter control the new book will have.

  • Wrong Way
    Wrong Way


    JWFr, did you get the book?

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