Are they right abt anything?

by Newborn 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Newborn

    I'm doubting that the JW's are right about any of their interpretations of the bible???

    Maybe it's all wrong!!?? Cause, who can ever really know the truth about anything?

    I'm not even sure anymore that there is a god or if the bible is just a story book....the best thing is that I don't feel I have to know or believe in anything rather than in myself.

    That is freedom to me


  • cofty
    the best thing is that I don't feel I have to know or believe in anything rather than in myself.

    If only all ex-jws manged to find the same freedom as you have, well done Newborn

  • Newborn

    Thanks cofty, I realise I'm fortunate to feel like this and I have since the first day I left.

    Sometimes I'm talking to ex-jw who left years and years ago but are still tortured by bad consience, low self confidence etc.

    I feel so sorry for them. I hope they will be completely free someday also.

  • teel

    They say the Bible contains 66 books. I think they're right about that one...



    The 'book' of Malachi is 3 pages long. The 'book' of Jude is just about one page - for Christ's sake!

    They are are having a laugh aren't they.

  • teel

    Lol Gladiator, well if you put it that way... and the canon is not accepted by all christian denominations, which further complicates things.

  • Newborn

    you see

    They are not even right abt no of books

  • wobble

    Any doctrine that they hold uniquely, and there are only a few, any such doctrine is in total error. A lot of other stuff that they believe in common with other religions is in error too.

    So, if you proceed by acting as though they have everything wrong, you will be 99% right !

  • peacedog

    Agree with wobble. Every unique JW doctrine is total bunk.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    "Religion is a snare and a racket".

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