Should we use the form Jehovah Today?

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  • Terry

    If there is only ONE of something (anything) it does not need to be separated from others of its kind since there simply aren't others.

    If there is a REAL something and a TRUE something (as opposed to a phoney or false) it stands alone unique and disambiguated.

    That is the foundational problem with giving an ONLY TRUE god a "distinguishing" name.

    If only one true God is living there is no chance of offending that God by cheating on Him with imaginary "rivals".

    Imagine being jealous of your wife or husband pretending to have an affair with a non-existent rival!

    What mental disorder would provoke jealousy? Jealous of what...would be the question!

    Yet, the bible is filled with stories of the only True god having rivalries with imaginary competitors!

    A supposed rival, an opposer, is not named at all. Satan merely describes a state of being "opposed".

    El is a syllable describing god. El-ohim is plural: gods. Apparently, primitive society was filled with fears of imaginary, invisible powers.

    So afraid were hallucinating, trembling humans that they sought to appease these fears by feeding them (offerings and sacrifices) as though a spirit would EAT food!

    They named each spirit (trees, mountains, wind, lightning, thunder, etc.) as though these phenomena were personalities.

    Manifestations of human frailty cannot threaten a Supreme Being----can they??

    Come now!

    The idea of assuming an IDENTITY called JEHOVAH is ludicrous if reality is to be attached to the idea of god.

    God would the most IMPOSSIBLE TO OVERLOOK reality of all reality itself!

    Doubt could not arise in the face of such an insuperable, inexorable reality! None could challenge it.

    So, we are left with a projection.....just another such in a long history of such projections. Man imagines and projects and then dresses the projection up with a name, identity, list of super powers and attaches fear and reverence.

    Werewolves, vampires, aliens from UFO's, bigfoot, fairies, succubuses, demons, the list is endless!!

    If you can imagine and fear something it will catch on with others!!

    The name Jehovah is treated like a magic word among the JW's. It is "King's X". It is a talisman. It is a lucky charm. It is like the rosary beads for a Catholic. This word is conjured like a Sorcerer manifesting the numinous. It is also a conceit. My God is bigger than yours.

    We had this thing....this "Jehovah" implant surgically imbedded in our brain and it is nigh unto impossible to escape the broadcast emanations even now. Signals come forth in our sleep.

    It is a grand conspiracy theory this religion has offered in the place of a real education about actual things! You can't pour wine into a cup full of anything else!! Our goblet was poured full of fear, hope, uncertainty and absolute confidence based on a mere nothing but a fairytale of a giant who lived in the sky.

    They told us his name was Jehovah.

    How sad for us.

  • peacedog


    Given that the word "Jehovah" is an amalgamation of the Tetragrammaton (consonants) and "Adonai" (vowels), making a BRAND NEW WORD, can you explain (in a few words, if that is possible for you) why it should be used today as the name of God?

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  • gubberningbody

    I prefer the name Jehovah for a number of reasons, 1. Its familiarity, 2. Because I really believe the tetragrammaton pronounced had 3 syllables and not two, and 3. Because the roots for the same "...he that causes to become.." is just the sort of unbounded name that I would give to the phenomenon that is "Jehovah".

    I'll have other areas that I strain gnats out of, and others where I gulp down camels ("Camels and gnats for dinner aGAIN?") but I don't object to others who make this area their life's work.

  • peacedog

    How to create a word that is not your name in three simple steps:

    1) Take a name (we'll use "gubberningbody") and strip out the vowels: "g_bb_rn_ngb_dy"

    2) Take another word (we'll use "fascinating") and strip out the consonants: "_a__i_a_i__"

    3) Now combine consontants from word one with vowels from word two: "gabbirnangbidy"

    And voila! We've just created a new word that is not your name: gabbirnangbidy

  • designs

    What's wrong with having a good Talisman in your quiver...............

  • peacedog

    BTTT for Wannabe:


    Given that the word "Jehovah" is an amalgamation of the Tetragrammaton (consonants) and "Adonai" (vowels), making a BRAND NEW WORD, can you explain (in a few words, if that is possible for you) why it should be used today as the name of God?

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