Wanted: Sacolton, Priest73, Mouthy, Oompa, Satanus, wobble, Mickey Mouse, Watson...

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  • Newborn

    ...Shamus100, Finally-Free, BabyYaga, chickpea, sweet pea, Elsewhere, cantleave, lisavegas420, parakeet, flying high now, billy the ex B, beksbks, jamie bowers, Sixofnine, quietlyleaving, jimmy page, rebel8, leavingwt, shopaholic, witness007, gopher, mtsgrad, Mr.Majestic...

    Any of you "oldies" still here??

    Just wanted to say thank you for being here when I needed you especially during 2008-2009. Even though we've never met in real life I consider you my friends for life. We've had some good laughs!

    Whereever you are I hope you're doing fine!

    Sorry for those I've missed

    I've seen that Snowbird, MrsJones, Loubelle and black sheep are still here

    / Newborn

  • Newborn

    and the one and only Blondie of course

    (sorry dear)

  • snowbird
  • dinah

    Priest isn't here anymore, but I talk to him often and he's doing great. I'll tell him you said hello.

    Oompa is on my facebook. Shamus has turned into a wolf, but he still posts here.

  • Newborn

    Thanks dinah

    Glad to hear Priest is doing fine

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    Shamus has turned into a wolf, but he still posts here.

    I've seen this expression before.........what does it mean?

    Think About It

  • fokyc

    Mouthy, our Grace is OK, she has just moved home for the second time.

    And you know I'm OK

  • Newborn

    good to hear fokyc, thx!

    yes I know you're still going strong!

  • wobble

    The big fat honey lovin' bear is still here, good to have you back Newborn !

    I really should not spend the time I do on here, but like you, I deeply appreciate the love, kindness, patience and then friendship that I was shown on here right from the start.

    If I can help and support some others as they leave the Borg, I am only repaying a little of what was given to me.

  • Quirky1

    Yeah, some of the crowd has moved on. But, I know they still check in once in awhile per my conversations and FB chat with a few mentioned above.

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