The revolving door and the hardcore ones

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  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Isaac, you nailed it. Most JWs stay in for some combination of the 4 attributes you listed. For me, it was mostly #4, a bit of #1, a bit of #2, but almost no #3.

  • Lozhasleft

    I honestly think a lot of people are deceived into believing that by staying they are showing loyalty to God....I certainly was.

    Loz x

  • straightshooter

    There is a reason that the WTS emphasizes loyalty to the org and "new light". This way it keeps one from questioning constantly changing beliefs.

    Ones also stay in for the association. They spent many years in the org and know no other associates to surround themselves with.

    Also I think some lose their memory in the WTS. I have mentioned changing beliefs and they claim that the WTS never changed anything.

  • EmptyInside

    I was raised to believe, being in the org, was the only way to worship God. I really thought that was the only way to have a close relationship with God. That's how I put up with so much and made the sacrifices,because I thought it meant something.

  • Hopscotch

    dgp - I feel that like blondie it is the live forever thing that does it. Not wanting to ever die/fear of death would be a huge factor in many staying. And the 'where else would we go' thing as well.

    Hiding Questioner - it's possible tht the stuff appears before your post because you cut and pasted or copied your reponse from a word document. If you do that you will get all that code stuff show up (just quickly go straight back to your reply and click on the edit pencil and delete it). If you use the copy/paste thing in the blue block above the white space where you type your reply (it is a little icon of a clipboard with a W icon in front of it) then you won't get all that code stuff.


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  • JeffT

    Google the term "sunk costs." Those who have been in a long time have too much invested to bail out now.

  • brizzzy

    @Soldier77 Naw, I had those type of questions, too. I was pretty miffed that it looked like all technology would just vanish and we'd all be going back to being farmers. I'm not cut out for being a farmer. I wanted to know where the cars and computers and microwaves were going. I got the same "we'll just have to wait and find out" answers, although occasionally an adult would tack on some speculation, like, "Jehovah obviously isn't going to want us to abolish ALL technology; I'm sure he'll let us keep the useful stuff, maybe he'll even show us BETTER technology, like flying non-polluting cars, etc." Just total random stuff like that.

  • agonus

    You know, I never did care much for the "Paradise Pictures"... something was just off... besides being cheesy and shlocky, they were a little too Stepford for me... a little too grinny...

  • AGuest

    I'd like to add a thought to those already posted (may you all have peace!)... and that is that some of these really ARE "conscience of their spiritual need". Unfortunately, they don't know where to GO... should they leave. Some DO go to another religion, but there are those who wouldn't, no matter what. And so, until they figure out that there IS no "where" (even if they don't figure out it's a "who")... they'll stay.

    Others are like the people who "hate" dope dealers, hookers, crack addicts, and thieves... but refuse to leave even the worse crime-ridden ghetto. Their reason: they would rather dodge bullets ("'cause I KNOW how to do that")... than live near the beach ("'cause I can't swim and, besides, there's SHARKS in the water"!).

    And everyone knows more people die by drowning and sharks... even those who don't even get in the water... than by bullets.

    They're all "handicapped," dear ones, if not in other ways, then certainly spiritually. And so, are to be pitied rather than hated.

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


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