The sun's outwardly migrating habitable zone

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  • rmt1

    JWs explain that the earth is at a precise distance from the sun because god made it so, and that the 'earth stands forever'.

    Whether or not god made it so concerning the orbit, science suggests that the sun has other ideas for whether or not the earth 'stands forever'.

    If one reduces the reasons for Earth's precise orbital distance to the necessary and sufficient, one uncovers an anthropological conceit: The orbit of the earth is so precise not because the earth is designed to harbor intelligent life, but rather intelligent life is able to be harbored on Earth because these last few billion years have found the earth remaining within the sun's outwardly-migrating habitable zone.

    "Distant future of the Sun and Earth revisited"

  • jwfacts

    This is all the proof that is need to show this earth will not survive forever, and hence "this good news of the kingdom" that Witnesses preach is wrong.

    JW's will use the mind numbing comment that God can refuel the sun. If he could refuel the sun, he could more easily have created a universe where the sun is not designed to expand and engulf the earth as it uses up its energy. The universe is by no means the perfect environment designed with eternal human life in mind.

  • rmt1

    "God can refuel the sun"

    Ug. There can be no finer rationale for the intelligent design of a pan-galactic gargle blaster.

  • EndofMysteries

    Watch the movie, "Knowing", all we need are some powerful sunspots, even for 1 day, and the earth will becoming ablaze. (hmm,,,seems quite in harmony w/ the scriptures)

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