Favorite Places to contemplate your new Freedom

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  • designs

    One of my favorite is the Yerba Buena Gradens in San Francisco and the Martin Luther King Memorial. A beautiful waterfall cascading over Sierra Granite with the words of the prophet Amos etched in the stone which were spoken by Rev. King, 'Righteousness rolls down like water and Justice like a mighty stream'.

    So much to think and meditate on with those words and that setting and the sound of that Waterfall.

    We will go, my wife and I, to celebrate love, peace and freedom, 35 years of marriage, children, grandchild, and friends who stayed by our side. We will attend a Green Conference at the Moscone Center and commit even more of our energy and resources to this beautiful earth and its future for all of us..

    'If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair'.

    Share yours......

  • EndofMysteries

    My retreat, where I feel truly at peace, is mostly a hidden / unknown waterfall in North Carolina. Sad to say it's popularity may very soon increase, I just hope the hike to it remains 2 miles or so from the nearest road.

    This waterfall, is in a rainforest in NC (yea, believe it or not is has a real rainforest) You can slide down it, drop into a pool. You can swim under and stand behind it. Can lay out on the boulders in the river and take a nap. A few hundred yards away is in my opinion the most beautiful waterfall in the state.

    Just so tranquil and relaxing there.

  • designs

    Sounds beautiful, everyone should have that special place to visit.

    When I was young and single a bunch of us would all go to Yosemite and camp for a week every year and hike up to the top of Yosemite Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, man what a view. John Muir and Ansel Adams found their paradise.

    This earth rocks

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  • designs


    Wow! I love the photo with the castle built on the hillside below the peaks, can you imagine bulding on that site. Waking up every morning to that view would be inspiring. some day I'll get to return to Spain, I took my kids 10 years ago, we stayed near Rhonda and the 'White villages'.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Ah, Ronda! So many AMAZING sights in Spain! Have been a couple of times, but to see that whole country would probably take a lifetime...if you go again, for sure do not miss Montserrat - no place like it...I hear they are building the world's biggest pipe organ there and when it is completed, for sure I must go back to hear it being played...I think there are some beautiful youtube videos of the place, if you have time to check them out.

  • designs

    I think you are right, more trips need to be planned for Spain. We visited the tomb of Franco outside of Madrid, what a view of the valley below.

  • changeling

    What a lovely thread!

    My husband and I enjoy going out to Sunday brunch while our witness relatives sit at their meeting. :)

  • Dagney

    Hey designs! When are you guys going?

    For me almost any ocean gives me what I need, as long as I can see it, smell it and hear it. I am of course particular to the Pacific Ocean, and really particular about the central California coast. It is breathtaking to me and magic. Just got back from there and it still works its wonders on my soul.

    Yosemite...yep, those were the days my friend.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    Anywhere on a beach, enjoying a fine cigar and bourbon. I never feel closer to God or more appreciative of my exodus than when I'm doing that.

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