The JW "We don't live for dates" argument

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  • sabastious

    Btw eatible dates are weird look, as a side point.

  • exwhyzee

    Matt 24:14.....This good news of the Kingdom will be preached throughout the inhabited earth and THEN the end will come.

    From this scripture, it would seem that God doesn't have a date in all depends on WHEN the work is done.

    Yet they keep giving us dates from which to start the big countdown from.

  • Scully

    Yes, and they say that it doesn't really matter that the Preaching Work™ hasn't reached places like China or Saudi Arabia.

    They can't have it both ways. They believe the scripture requires worldwide coverage with the Good News™, but they've created an "escape clause" to overcome impossible obstacles to the Preaching Work™ (like governments that execute missionaries who proselytize christianity).

  • blondie
    Blondie how come you leave out 1975?

    Woops...............oversight, I had it in but I must have taken it out when I edited out 1984 and 1994 (only implied with 1914 and the length of a generation being 70 perhaps 80 years)


    1940's Rutherford

    1957 GB suggestion that was eventually rejected

  • blondie
    Btw eatible dates are weird look, as a side point.

    That's why I dont eat them.

    Other pictures aren't much better.

  • JustHuman14

    If there is one religion on this plannet, crazy with dates, then look for the WT:

    1799 Invisible presence of Jesus

    1874, Invisible presence of Jesus, battle in heavens, Satan down to Earth

    1878 resurrection of the Anointed ones

    1914, Armageddon,

    1916 Armageddon

    1914, Invisible presence of Jesus, battle in heavens, Satan down to Earth

    1918, resurrection of the Anointed ones

    1919, inspection by Jesus, Russell and Bible Students abroved by Him

    1925 Armageddon, with the resurrection of the Prophets to guide the Battle from Booze Jo's Mansion in Cal.

    1935 Heavenly door closed

    1942, Jo said we are only few months way from Armageddon

    1975, Armageddon is very closed, combined with the 6000 years of Creation

    1984, 70 years past from the famous generation that seen the Sign of Jesus presence in 1914 that will see the End

    1995 and beyond, 4 changes of the Generation understanding, the End is Near, and the heavenly door that was closed since 1935 re-opened last year!!!

  • moshe
    Without at least "ballpark" dates the idea that the ministry is a life-saving work, that people are being marked for survival and that failure to go door to door may result in "bloodguilt" all disolve into thin air and the JW faith loses its reason for existence.

    I remember delivering those life saving fullsize tracts back in the 70's- you know the ones that warned of the imminent end of this system of things. People thought we were nuts driving down back roads after a foot of drifting snow had closed most of the roads- But JW's had to save livesit was the job Jehoobah had charged us with!!--- so we risked our life on a winter day with -0F wind chills to deliver those useless tracts. Later, I took a lot of flack in 1977 when I built a new home and my wife and I decided to start a family. I wish I had follwed my gut instinct back then and quit going to the meetings (I left in 1988) after the WT chastised us for reading too much into 1975- I remember what I heard at the meetings, what the CO's had said- only 22 months left, stay alive until 1975,etc., but now it was our imagination and we misunderstood all of it. It is only life saving work, if you realize you are only saving the life of the WT Corporation by peddling their literature.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Okay, guys, this is finally "it."

    Armegeddon will come tomorrow night just before midnight. This is NOT a joke. Because we will revert to Edenic statis, please leave your homes and remove ALL clothing. We've been told to inform you the battle will be brief. So if the police show up, simply get up on the roofs of your homes and stretch your arms up towards heaven.

    You will be lifted up momentarily whilst the Earth is cleansed; then you will be let down on the new paradise to await further instructions.

    Again this is NO JOKE. It's really here this time....

    ...or not...stay tuned for further instructions....

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Message #41223445667f

    Issued: May 3, May 23, June 7, June 15, June 28, July 5

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