Does anybody know who's replacing brother Jaracz?

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  • agonus

    I hear there's a newly-baptized 6-year old who just started partaking of the emblems. He happens to be a child of a close personal friend of a DO who was a great admirer of our dear Brother Jaracz. They are watching his spiritual career with great interest. His name is Anakin.

    I'm kidding of course. But something like this wouldn't surprise me at all.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Eight is a pretty small number for the GB, IMO. I think they'll add not just one but two or three at the annual meeting, though what the annual meeting of the WTS has to do with the GB of JWs I'm still unclear about. I'd be very interested in what "official" capacity the GB serves as part of the various international corporations of the WTS. How exactly is the JW religion legally tied to the WTS publishing company?

  • voodoo lady
    voodoo lady

    And shake up the old boys club?

    I've always wondered... do the spouses of the old boys club claim to be annointed too? If not, aren't they a little devastated when they drop off, never to be seen again? (or is this their hopeful intention?)

  • wasblind

    it would be nice if an under cover apostate could get in,

  • dgp

    I understand their decisions are reached by two thirds of the vote. They were 12, so two thirds was obviously eight of them. Nowadays, eight votes represent 72.72% of the vote, almost three fourths; and seven votes represent 63.63%. That's not two thirds. I wonder if they would bother with this, however.

    One vote used to represent 8.33%, and now it represents 9.09%. The difference seems nil, but anyways I don't like the idea that the members of a board can decide on the number of members that very same board will have when one of them kicks the bucket.

  • booby

    it is not two thirds of 12. It is two thirds of the number voting. Two thirds of 8 would have been 5. So 5 would have carried a motion. With 7 it is still 5, (I think)

  • kurtbethel

    The Society is seeking someone who has shown to be harmonious with their beliefs and policies. An announcement of the new governing body

    replacement can be expected soon, but an insider has already leaked the identity of the newest source of nourishing spiritual food.

    New Governing Body member

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