Can I get accused of apostasy since I am not baptised?

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  • Finally-Free
    Finallyfree:You've seen it done many times because some U.P's started questioning things?WTF?

    I don't know about "questioning things" because I didn't hear any questions. But one young unbaptized guy in my last congregation was shunned because he decided to go to university. He wanted to become an English teacher rather than go into the cleaning business and pioneer like all the other young people.


  • XPeterX

    Don't trying to bring anyone down.Just want to have the last word


    You can be accused of anything in the Alice in Wonderland world of the Watchtower society - but they are nothing but a pack of cards.

    'Oppose them and they will flee from you.' Thus saith the Bible so it must be true!

    This is my one and only comment for this evening - I am of to a party.....

  • Scully

    Just stop going Door-to-Door™. Don't tell them you want to be removed from the Unbaptized Publisher™ List™. Six months of no Field Service™ = Inactive™.

    You are not baptized, so you still have the right to ask questions. Start doing that. Notice the stall and evade tactics - and make them accountable for it.

    You: I'm wondering about "conscience matters". For example, I know at one time that ALL blood products were forbidden, and now some are Conscience Matters™. I want to talk to my doctor and explain what I'm learning to him.

    Elder: Well, that's pretty deep information for someone New In The Truth™. (stalling, and telling you that you can't possibly grasp the concept) You'll understand better the more you study. (evasive manoeuvre)

    You: Oh, really? Well then, tell me how YOU understand it - you are "appointed by holy spirit" aren't you? You're a spiritual shepherd, isn't that correct? Well, I'm respectfully asking for your guidance on the matter.

    Elder: Well, it wouldn't be right for me to dictate to you how your conscience should decide. I've been In The Truth™ for a number of years and have developed a conscientious decision of my own. I don't want to Stumble™ you - you really have to delve into it yourself and make The Truth™ your own. (stall.... stall.... stall.... stall.... evade... evade... evade...)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Don't trying to bring anyone down.Just want to have the last word

    Don't bother. It is better to leave them with a question they want to be able to answer, than information that they don't want to hear.

    It is psychological warfare and if you don't know the answer to your question, you don't know enough about their psychology to go into battle. When the WT set up their control of your mind, everyone sitting around you was getting the same lessons and you, like most of us including myself, promptly forget that when we find out we've been scammed, and proceed to blow our chances of having any sort of sensible discussion with our families right out the window.

    You might be well advised to read up on cult behaviours for a few months before you take on any challenges.

    Have you read any of Steve Hassan's books?



  • yknot

    Here is what the KS says...

    Unbaptized publishers. (pg 98-99)

    Unbaptized publishers who engage in serious wrongdoing
    may be readjusted.

    Two elders will talk with the wrongdoer and determine
    what action should be taken. (w88 11/15 pp. 18-20)

    They may instruct him not to share in the public ministry
    or comment at meetings, and they may restrict him from
    being in the TMS until he has made more spiritual progress.

    If the wrongdoing is widely known but the person is
    repentant, the Congregation Service Committee may
    arrange for an announcement to the congregation as follows
    "A matter involving [name of person] has been handled, and
    he [she] continues to serve as an unbaptized publisher with
    the congregation."(w88 11/15 p. 18)

    When the unbaptized publisher who is a wrongdoer is a minor,
    his or her Christian parents should be consulted to determine
    what they are doing to correct the wrongdoer. It may also be
    necessary to meet with the youth together with his parents.

    In the case of the unbaptized publisher who unrepentantly continues
    in wrongdoing despite all efforts to help them, an announcement can
    be made saying "[Name of person] is no longer a publisher of the
    good news' (w88 11/15 p. 19)

    Your goal in dealing with unbaptized publishers, whether youths
    or adult, is to help them (1 Thess 5:14)


    I agree you should politely request to be removed the publisher list for personal reasons ......leave it open to you returning if you needed.

    Once you are no longer a publisher the KS technically has no jurisdiction over you. You are just someone attending the KH a free agent.

    (This all said due to petty men...... you could still be slandered and treated as 'marked')

  • AGuest
    Can they announce that I am no longer an U.P if I start saying things in front of JW's?

    Depends on what you "start saying," dear XPX (peace to you!). If it doesn't go along with their teachings... regardless of whether it's the truth... regardless of whether it's "in the Bible"... including their Bible... then yes, most certainly, they can... and will... make such an announcement (well, they'll whisper it to others, first, and then if you don't change... and/or don't stop participating in FS... they will announce that you are no longer a UP in order to keep anyone from "working" with you "in FS").

    As for being accused of apostasy even though you are not baptized... they absolutely will make that accusation. Heck, they'll make it even if you're NOT an apostate, simply if you deviate from their teachings. They would... because THAT would be the REASON they would give to "remove" you as a UP. Your "apostasy"... from their teachings. (Which was absolutely STUPID in my case, as the only deviation I made... at the time... was:

    (1) That Judas WAS at the last meal that my Lord shared with his disciples... and both Luke and John corroborate this - but "the Society" doesn't teach it, so I was "running ahead of the things written ['in the Watchtower']"; and

    (2) That one does not have to be "elderly" to be called, chosen, anointed, or partake... which is corroborated by the fact that practically everyone (at least, those of significance) recorded in the Bible as being called, chosen, anointed, and/or partaking... WAS A YOUNG ADULT IF NOT A CHILD AT THE TIME:

    (a) Moses (hidden at birth);

    (b) Samuel (called at age 5);

    (c) Daniel (chosen around age 17);

    (d) Jeremiah ("a boy");

    (e) Christ (in his Father's "house" at age 12)...

    (3) If not no more than age 30:

    (a) The original 12 Apostles (all of who were contemporaries with my Lord); and

    (b) Christ (baptized... received holy spirit... instituted the evening meal... and poured out holy spirit... all at age 30)...

    (4) Or not even born, yet:

    (a) Cyrus (called "my anointed" by God before he was even conceived, let alone born);

    (b) David (whose was seen by the Most Holy One of Israel when just an embryo and anointed when a very young man);

    (c) Jeremiah (a boy when called, not even formed when known by the Most Holy One of Israel, and chosen when anointed with holy spirit);

    (d) John the Baptist (prophesied before he was born and anointed in the womb); and

    (e) Christ... millenia before he was born in the flesh...

    Dear one, they don't care who... or what... you are. Simply disagree... or teach/say something different than what they teach... and you are an "apostate," as far as their "wolves" are concerned.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • WTWizard

    If you are an unbaptized publisher, you would not be disfellowshipped. They would announce that you are no longer an unbaptized publisher if you break the rules or decide to quit at this point. You will be "a worldly person that knows the truth TM ", and would be viewed as bad associations.

  • XPeterX

    I am considered bad association anyway.No one calls me anymore...Oh wait...A JW called me today she dialed the wrong number.hahaha

  • fokyc

    YES, most certainly!

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