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  • tresdecu

    So my wife and I took a last min trip to visit her bro in Seattle....they wanted to go to at least 1 day of their DC. Long story short, The last talk of the day was by S. Lett of the GB. This was the talk where the two glossy brochures were released. "printed on high quality paper" he said. lol

    I found it interesting that he stated twice that the bibliography in the back of both brochures, could be checked for accuracy and CONTEXT. They must realize the controversy that theyve created with some of thier lit.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I also noticed on the first day that there was a request for people recording the sessions to only do so for personal use and not to circulate recordings.

  • AnnOMaly

    MM, tresdecu, seeing as you have the stomach to attend can you tell us whether the frequency of the 'end is near' message is within normal WT parameters or whether the mentions are off the scale? Your general impressions. Curious that's all.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I would say less of "the end is so close" but more palpable panic over the numbers who are leaving. Very litte focus on bringing people in; it's almost a siege mentality.

  • thetrueone

    Sounds like they are losing the grip of many, decades of constructive purposeful lying/ bullshitting about the incoming END

    might have catched up to them now, their viability may have run its course in the eyes of the general public.

    Not to mention the body of the flock gradually awakening at the very same time.

    Organized cults such as this eventually have to put up walls around their members to maintain the

    available personal support and of course the very important financial support.

  • booby

    HOW FAST CAN A CELL REPRODUCE? On page 11 includes reference 16 to bibliography.

    That book can be found here

    Notice the point the tract is making about quality.

    Human manufacturers often have to sacrifice

    quality to produce an item at a fast pace. How

    is it possible, then. that cells can reproduce

    so fast and so accurately if they are the product

    of undirected accidents?

    Now notice how the book they reference points out that while new brain

    cells are formed at the astounding rate of 250.000

    per minute this is many more than are needed and that the excess are

    pruned away. The info on pages 16 and 17 seems more to suggest the

    process of evolution then to support them I would say.

    So if this is typical maybe they should not emphasize the bibliography

  • tresdecu

    Hi AnnOmaly

    To answer you question: No, from the 1 day I attended so far, The 'end is near' wasn't repeted ad nausium, or at least I didn't notice it any more than usual.

    Also another point regarding Facebook, it was mentioned twice that I remember, but interestingly...not in the negative as in "true christians must not be on facebook", it was just mentioned as in not 'wasting' too much time playing online, watching tv etc, etc. So it must just be up too an individulal speaker on what to demonize and how much.

    Another thing Lett brought out was that nobody knows how long the earth has been around. maybe millions of years, this was new to me, and I always assumed that JWs believed that the earth was 6000 years old. Maybe it is a slight shift from what used to be printed. And...last but not least, he did mention that Teddy J. is up in heaven busy as ever in that part of Jah's org.

    Thanks for all your replies.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Here a great video on one of those great Brochures.

    They suggest you look the references up, as they know that 99.9% don't take the effort. I looked all of those up under "Human Evolution" and almost all are misquoted or taken out of context. Verifying the brochure strengthend my support for evolution, which is a scientific FACT.

  • cyberjesus

    I read on another thread that a GB member mentioned yesterday in a DC talk that Ted Jaracz is very busy up in heaven right now....

    So my question is, what exactly is he doing that he is sooo busy? What are all the 134,000 that are already in heaven doing right now? I mean so many employees up in heaven working really hard all this time, what are doing? processing paper work? preparing work orders for the paradise? preparing legislature?

    This is for another thread but why does God need 144,000 to help Jesus Rule? I mean? really? he needed humans to help him? I thought he was all-powerful!

    Ok so what is ted Jaracz doing right now?

  • designs

    I wonder if Ted has to start over again as a heavenly publisher, then MS, then Elder..........moving on up the celestial ladder

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