Wimbledon Thank Yous

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  • scotinsw

    As expected Serena Williams did her thank yous and the first one was "to my god Jehovah".

    We also found out that she has a lucky number - 13!!

  • linp24

    yes, I was surprised when she mentioned her lucky number. But as usual the rules don't apply to her.

  • nelly136

    she looks quite stunning in proper tennis whites, maybe wimbledon has a stricter dress code than the dubs?

  • cantleave

    Did you see her Dad's Tee Shirt. Said something about Jehovah.

  • jambon1

    The Williams family make me boak.

  • koolaid-man
  • blondie

    SERENA WILLIAMS WINS, 6-3, 6-2: Are they still knocking up? Has the final begun yet? Whoops, turns out it's started, been played and now drawn to a close. Serena Williams scoops her 13th grand slam with a smash into the open court. In her delight, she throws her racket in the air. Chances are she could have won this match without it.

    The coronation: Out on Centre Court, Vera Zvonareva confesses to being "a little bit disappointed at the moment". In fact, she looks as though she was on her way to play the final only to be knocked down by a bus on Church Road. She's not hurt so much as shocked and shaken, on the verge of tears. She retreats to her chair to recuperate.

    Now up steps Serena Williams, clutching Wimbledon's Rosewater dish to her stomach. She thanks Jehovah, her dad, her mom (and in that order) and then remembers who she has missed. "Most of all, I'd like to thank you guys," she adds, meaning the crowd, this crowd, the crowd that mostly applauded her opponent. This, though, is because the crowd wanted a match as opposed to a rout. It seems likely that it's not just Vera Zvonareva who is is feeling "a little bit disappointed at the moment".


  • blondie

    “Billie Jean, I got you,” she told her mentor during the prize ceremony after ending the 67-minute match with a smash. “This is No. 13 for me now. It’s actually my lucky number.”


  • EmptyInside

    Some people never get it. But, maybe they are the lucky ones. They think they are being good Jehovah's Witnesses, but then, they just never follow all the rules. How tacky can you be though? A t-shirt with Jehovah on it. No matter what side of the fence your on,it's just in poor taste.

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