Change the title of a WT book to reflect its meaning

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  • Sapphy

    Young People Ask - Answers that work to repress.

    The subject-to-change truth that leads to eternal life

    Keep yourselves in Gods Love - by following 1950s morality

    Any more?

  • changeling

    The Truth - That Leads to A Sucky Life

    The Truth - That May Not Be True Tomorrow

  • snowbird

    No Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School

    Skewed Insight On the Scriptures

    New Age Paraphrase of the Holy Scriptures ...

    What's the new book about the prophet, Jeremiah, called?


  • zoiks

    You Can Live Forever in Hell on Earth Surrounded by JWs

  • zoiks

    Your Youth - Taking the Best Out of It

    The Origin of Life - 5 Logical Fallacies Worth Trying

    What Does the Bible Really Teach?

  • JediMaster

    My Book of Petty Stories

    From Paradise Lost to Paradise never there.

    Draw Close to the Governing Body

    Isaiahs' Prophecies - A light for your bonfire.

    Worship...US or else.


  • ziddina

    "Children" - "Don't have 'em, but if you do, HAMMER our teachings into them!"

    "Government" - "Be disobedient to all others, except for US, of course!!"

    "From Paradise Tossed to Paradise Disdained"

    "The Nations Shall Know that I Am Jehovah - Most Definitely NOT YahWeh!!"

  • ziddina

    "Choosing the Worst Way of Life"

    "Bad News to Keep You Depressed"

    "Soft-Boiled Translation of the Holy Scriptures"

  • Soldier77

    Organized to Accomplish Our Slavery

    Pay Attention to the Governing Body

    You Can Live Forever in Hell On Earth

    Groping In Darkness (Shining As Illuminators pioneer book)


    New World Translation of the Occult

  • AGuest

    How about...

    The Truth...Not!

    The Truth That Leads To… the Pit

    The Truth That... Knows Absolutely Nothing About [the] Truth

    What does the Bible Really Teach? (And We’re Asking You, 'Cause It's Not Like We Know!)

    Questions That Young People Ask: Why Are My Parents, the Elders, the Brothers, the Friends... Hypocrites?

    Questions That Young People Ask: Why is Elder/Brother's Kids Runnin' Around Doin' God Knows What But I Can't Watch a Harry Potter Movie?

    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived... Was NOT Charles T. Russell

    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived... Was NOT J. Rutherford

    The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived... Was NOT a Member of the WTBTS GB...

    Pay Attention to... Anybody But Us!

    Mankind's Search for… Well, We Don’t Know What So We're Still Lookin', Too!

    Jehovah's Witnesses... Are Really a Bunch 'o _______ (You Finish the Sentence) – An Interactive DIY Book

    My Book of Bible Stories (That Really Are Just Stories Because We Don't Know What in the World… Physical OR Spiritual… We're Talking About)

    Man oh man, dear Sapphy (peace to you, and is that "sapphy" as in how "sistahs" say it? Just askin' so I know how to pronounce it!)... I LOVED this thread! FU-UN!!

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


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