Wouldn't it be a hoot....

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  • Scully

    Wouldn't it be a hoot if a married couple, coming to realize that JWs were full-of-crap at approximately the same time, decided to maintain appearances for the congregation by going Door-to-Door™ partnered together, but going along with the Field Service Arrangements™ and Car Groups™, having a type of anti-Witness presentation?

    You could seriously make it look like you were discussing the Bible, talking about points in the magazines, but showing Householders™ what is wrong with JWs.

    Then you could tell your Car Group™ about awesome discussions you had, talking about how to identify the True Religion™, or a religion that covers up child sexual abuse, domestic abuse, etc.

    I kind of wish I wasn't "out" for the last 15 years so I could try to see how long I could get away with it!

  • snowbird

    Underground D2D?

    I like that.

    Kind of like the Southern abolitionists.


  • Peaches1978

    that is a good Idea....

  • ziddina

    Haw!!! That would be hilarious!!!

    Unfortunately, I don't think it would be all that effective... Most householders aren't interested in becoming JWs, and those who are, are usually at a low point in their lives and are very vulnerable... I suspect that such vulnerable people might have their interest piqued by your "opposition"...

    I would guess that the psychological mechanism behind that behavior would be this: People who are "vulnerable" would tend to feel 'targeted' by 'bad elements' in the world. That would automatically incline them favorably towards a cult preaching a magical, almost instantaneous [well, 130 years or more...] solution of "Armageddon" and then a magical "Paradise" installed soon after.

    [I make the following comments with an OVER-emphasis on individual will. For the sake of making my point, I have REMOVED the element of cult "group-think", and other pressures from the WTBTS, its minions, and the common "herd" of Rank&File JWs...]

    Plus, the JW attitude that "persecution" [hardships that usually arise from the person's own behaviors...] means that the individual is doing "God's Will", is an automatic "absolution" for any idiotic mistakes that the individual has ACTUALLY made, like turning down the chance to obtain a college education, refusing to date a wide number of eligible, potential mates before making a WISE choice, turning down opportunities for advancement at work, and so on...

    The fallout from all of these incorrect, self-destructive decisions can be cast in the light of "Persecution from Satan", not the result of the individual's own idiocy...


  • Scully

    Hi Ziddina

    I don't know if it would be an effective "anti-Witnessing" tactic, per se, however you could really have some fun with it.

    We all know that one of the big... I mean, HUGE, sources of anxiety for people wanting to leave the JWs, without raising a lot of fuss from their local Elders™ or Friends™, is the big red flag that gets raised when someone stops going Door-to-Door™. All of a sudden your Friends™ start avoiding you, considering you Bad Association™, and you get treated like crap by some of the "superfine" JWs. This "undercover apostasy" tactic allows you to have an alliance and a secrecy pact with your spouse, and maintain appearances with JWs, while you start picking up other activities to enjoy together (which will allow you to "skip" Field Service™ and Meetings™ gradually)

    The other thing is that once people realize that the doctrine is crap, and the organization is full of crap, there is a real nagging within that tells you how unethical it is to try and recruit people to a cause that you no longer believe in. Granted, a lot of people aren't interested in becoming JWs. But I'm thinking, they might stop for a few moments and listen if you came to the door and had something like this to say:

    "Hi, my name is ______, and I have probably called here before with the Jehovah's Witnesses. But today I'm here with a sincere personal apology. My husband/wife, _______, and I have decided to quit the Jehovah's Witnesses, and because we are now committed to being truly good neighbours, we wanted to share with you a few suggestions that you can use in the future that will keep Jehovah's Witnesses from calling on you ever again."

    You can mention the "Do Not Call" list, and ask them if you can add their name / address to it.

    You can mention the uncomfortable issue of child sexual abuse scandals and how the WTS denies its existence at the same time it has a program whereby known child molesters have to be chaperoned in the door-to-door work (because even child molesters are required to participate in the door-to-door ministry), and further settled out-of-court for lots of money (the amount unpublished due to a gag order which silences the victims even further) in a child sexual abuse Class Action suit.

    You can talk about how in the post Hurricane Katrina assistance drive, the WTS encouraged JWs to donate to relief efforts, yet instructed them specifically to NOT indicate that their donations were to be used for Katrina relief efforts (so they would not legally be required to use the money for that purpose), and how JW Katrina relief workers assisted only JWs, who were then strongly encouraged to donate the proceeds of any insurance payments they received back to the Watchtower Society, rather than to help them get back on their feet.

    There are probably dozens and dozens of examples of how the WTS is not a source of comfort for people seeking spiritual enlightenment, but rather one that focuses on sucking the life out of people and spitting out the remains when it is done with you.

    The point is to give the Householders™ some valid ammunition to use in the future when JWs call again. Can you imagine how humiliating it would be to be told point blank: "Your religion is a pile of $h!t. Someone who came to my door told me that themselves."

  • changeling

    Why didn't we think of that??? :)

  • changeling

    Honestly, though, I didn't have the stomach for it. Once I smelled the rat I had to run. Never went in FS again and faded from meetings rather quickly. It's a good idea though, if you can handle it.

  • ziddina


    Now I have a much clearer idea as to where you're 'coming from'...

    Yes, there is a definite "fun" aspect to your idea!!! I support that, just on its own merit!!! There isn't NEARLY enough mischevious fun in the typical JW's life!!!

    As to 'anti-witnessing' to householders.... Something you said set me to thinking.... How about 'volunteering' to talk to "inactive" Witnesses, instead?? THEN - when you go to THEIR doors - if you can catch them, and get past the defensive/cowering behavior, 'feel' them out about the issues you've mentioned...

    If they're 'conscious', then you MIGHT have some fun eroding their dissolving faith even further... Of course, there would always be the hazard that you'd run into some spiritually lax JW who suddenly decides to become rigidly faithful - or would that be faithfully rigid??? - again, and turn you and hubby in...

    So much potential for mischief, so much potential for betrayal...

    What to do, what to do???

    Zid winking devil

  • AGuest

    Does sound like a hoot, dear Scully (peace to you!).

    Unfortunately, I think that that couple would see the TRUE "nature" of the WTBTS come out as result, much as it did with "christendom" when the International Bible Students did similar "campaigns" back in the day. I think all of the WTBTS propagandic melarkey about "rights to freedom of religion pursuant to the First Amendment" would go right out the window once someone starts exposing THEM... in the streets and from door-to-door... and that they would turn the heat up SO high on such so-called "apostates"... that unless those folks were serious... the consequences really might not be worth it. Even for the "hoot."

    Because the "world" will now see THEM as the victims (because THEY are now accepted as a "mainstream" religion - which history shows that you don't really "mess" with and get away with...), and most probably assist them in shutting that couple down. Quick. Even if the "householder" wants to hear what they have to say. There would be some ordinance, somewhere... that would say THEY can do it... but the couple can't. They would see to it.

    I, though, for one... would LOVE to do it! Indeed, maybe I will (I do do it at the mall, train station, gas station, etc.). I have to pray on it, of course, because the sheep aren't mine... but why not? I mean, what CAN earthling man to do me?

    Who's with me!!???

    Peace to you!

    A slave of Christ

  • snowbird
    Who's with me!!???

    I'm with you.

    I've gone back to many of the people I encountered D2D and told them I was wrong, the WT is wrong.

    I almost had some shouting Hallelujah! while waiting in line at the Post office. You should have heard the choruses of Amen!


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