Lets calculate the number of partakers world-wide!

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  • 2014CountDown

    How many partakers were in your kingdom hall??

    Even if your kingdom hall had no partakers, please say so.

    At the end of this thread I'll tally up the result to give a rough idea of partakers world wide!

    I'll start this thread off by saying that I attended 4 kingdom halls and there was a total of 3 partakers

  • pirata

    That might be hard. We'd need one person (and only one, or else we'd get duplicates) from each congregation worldwide.

  • 2014CountDown


    good thinking but the odds of that happening are very small and if they did happen that would be a random event anyway.

  • 2014CountDown


    We don't need one person from every congo.

    All we need is the ratio of partakers per congo and then multilply by the numbers of congos

  • finallyfree!

    I attended 2 khs in my time with em. There was one in each hall. What I'm not sure of is does every cong report ALL partakers ?? I know in each case they were both severely depressed and borderline schizo, but the elders always said "you never know, jah will choose his people amongst the humble" So basically if ur a crackpot then you have a good chance of having a priviledged position in the wts even though you have just lost your mind. And then they preach down to other religions who claim to have had miraculous events occur to them and they call em apostates and false prophets who are seeking a high place for themselves. What they don't realize is that they are right in the same basket.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Not what you want I know, .....but I did a spreadsheet calculating the likely number of what would be reasonably expected "genuine" partakers taking into account average death rates and the reducing averages based on all available previous partaker figures I could get my hands on.

    This was done several years ago when the figures had been going UP for about 3 years and I KNEW something just wasnt right!

    Anyway, the expected and calculated number of partakers came out to around 1,200 for about 6 years ago and would by now be a lot lower. Personally I'd now put a conservative figure on the it at well under 1,000.

    Your method is going to be woefully inaccurate as your sample data will be too small,...

    I should also point out this was when I believed and felt the 144,000 was literal and must by then have been filled. As it's now turned into a "free for all" and the partakers have shot up and the Genration doctine has changed again to allow young GB annointed members then the above becomes meaningless. .... and so does the whole belief system.


  • Leolaia
    All we need is the ratio of partakers per congo and then multilply by the numbers of congos


  • JediMaster

    3 congs = 1 partaker. Though I knew of at least 3 more in about 5 surrounding congs.

    Jedi Master

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    There is no way to "calculate" this since we don't have the data.

    What we can do is estimate it using trends, death rates, and prior years' numbers. Or you can go with intuition and guess. That would be more fun. We should start a Nibble-N-Sip pool.

    My number is 11,512.

  • jookbeard

    I'm pleased to add that I was a partaker this year

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