Which Generation will not pass away?

by wannabe 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • PSacramento
    So let me see if I understand:
    When Jesus said, "This generation.." he was talking about a generation contemporary with a king that did not exist yet who would be symbolized by a beast in a book that had not been written yet?
    Wannabe, ---Couple questions for you:
    Do you understand the difference between the words, "This" and "That"?

    TD has nailed the correct to the stake ;)

    Fact is Jesus SAID THIS, he didn't say "A", or "SOME", or "ONE" or "THERE WILL BE A...", he said THIS GENERATION.

    The word THIS was NOT inserted, it was always there, Jesus was speaking to THAT Generation, the one that would still be around to witness the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, hence THIS GENERATION.

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