Service is mathematically and logically pointless.

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  • confliction

    So, I was thinking today about the point of service, other than the proclamations the king and his kingdom (bs :p ) and I kind of had an epiphany... but I'm sure somebody has already thought of this. Let me explain.

    First, for people who never hear the 'truth', or never come to a true accurate understanding of it, they will most likely have odds in favor of them surviving into the paradise earth to get a second chance. Let's say the odds are 99% survival.

    On the flipside, by attempting to preach to people and teach them your "truth", you put it in their hands to make a decision. By doing so, their odds are lessened to a less appealing... you could say 50%.

    So, by not sharing your "truth" with others, it seems that you could save more lives than trying to speak and lessen their chances of survival with knowledge. The old addage "what you don't know won't hurt you" comes to mind.

    Of course, my mother said that "jesus commanded us to preach the word", and while that could be misapplied today by the society to pass out their literature and "truth", you could consider it a sacrifice on your part- saving countless lives, while in the process of dying because of disobeying a command. Giving up your life for all others.

    On the other hand, your speaking to others while knowing the above reasoning just shows a selfishness on your part, for YOU want to attain to YOUR prize of everlasting life, rather than possibly save countless people the world over by SACRIFICING your own life.

    As an added bonus, you might be found as a good person for doing so, and survive ANYWAYS.

    To shuttup or not to shuttup... Thoughts?

  • LostGeneration

    On your first point, all according to WT theology, all are marked for death at Armageddon unless they are JW. You might hear some say "Oh god will read hearts" talking about the billions of Chinese or Indians, but I do not believe that is actually in print anywhere from the WTBTS. They are technically good as dead if the big A comes.

    Some have commented it would be better to shoot the householder when they open the door. That way they get an automatic ticket to the new system rather than being killed at armageddon...

  • confliction

    LOOOL Good point- I'm working off of what they deny though lol - obviously no witness would admit that everyone but them will die at armageddon, so they say "its in jehovah's hands to judge" or some crap.

    PLEASE don't shoot me lol- I still have to go out!

  • sir82
    First, for people who never hear the 'truth', or never come to a true accurate understanding of it, they will most likely have odds in favor of them surviving into the paradise earth to get a second chance. Let's say the odds are 99% survival.

    Official JW doctrine is that only JWs will survive Armageddon. There is no provision for "surviving by ignorance".

    But, also according to JW docrine, anyone who dies prior to Armageddon is virtually assured a resurrection.

    So, the most merciful thing for JWs to do, based on those points, is to kill everyone and everyone they come in contact with.

    Just think - if all 7 million JWs can successfully kill an average of 10 people each, then that's 70 million more people who get a free pass into the 1000 years - that's an astronomically higher success rate than they get for all their "billion hours per year" preaching efforts.

  • elderelite


    w908/15p.19 Loyally Working With Jehovah t he Work of Greatest Value


    The most urgent need today is to preach the good news that the Kingdom of Jehovah God will soon replace all worldly governments and bring the relief for which God-fearing persons long. (Daniel 2:44; Matthew 24:14) Jesus Christ made the preaching of the heavenly Kingdom his main purpose in life, though his preaching was limited to the land of Palestine. Today, the extent of this preaching is worldwide, just as Jesus said it would be. (John 14:12; Acts 1:8) To have a share, even a small one, in God’s work, is a privilege beyond compare. Men and women, old and young alike, who at one time never dreamed of being preachers of the good news are in the forefront of the evangelizing work being accomplished by Jehovah’s Witnesses today. Like Noah and his family, they are loyally doing God’s work under commission from Him, and therefore in His strength, as a prelude to the end of this system of things.—Philippians 4:13; Hebrews 11:7.


    The witnessing work by Jehovah’s Witnesses during these last days is lifesaving for those who listen and who act upon the good news they hear. (Romans 10:11-15) It is also a safeguard for those who preach. By being sincerely interested in helping people who have problems greater than our own, we are less likely to become overly concerned with problems we may have. We realize that this world of declining standards would have us conform to its ways. So filling our minds with God’s thoughts during our preaching is more than faith-strengthening; it is in our best interests. As one Witness put it: “If I do not try to change the people I meet, they could change me!”—Compare 2 Peter 2:7-9 .
  • sabastious

    I have had this convo with my devout witness mother in law.

    Her argument is (in classic witness doctrinal mantra):

    "The Bible prophesized that people would be preaching throughout the earth in the Last Days, know one else is doing what we are doing."

    My argument (in class cynic):

    "Woudln't you think that the ONLY organization on earth who is preaching the whole planet like you would have more members? I find it shady logic to present your growth as a reason for divinity while at the same time present the 'masses of False Religion', who have vast more members, as a fulfillment of prophecy as well, as in Satan will mislead many in the End.

    Your growth cannot possibly be used as an argument, you are a vast minority. And on that same point, which Religion is more well known? Jehovah's Witnesses or Catholicism? Jehovah's Witnesses or Judism? Jehovah's Witnesses or Islam?

    How can you possibly say with any certainty that you are fulfilling the 'world wide preaching work' described in Matthew 24?"

    Ugh, no point really. It's just good to get it out in the open for myself, she's never gonna actually take it in.

  • confliction

    LOL I don't think you guys are getting what I'm saying, haha, but whatever.

    I was simply making an argument against the many brothers and sisters that try to avoid the teaching that all will die in the end except witnesses.

    I well know that the preaching work is viewed as a lifesaving work, and it is seen as a commandment, but many witnesses will stop short of saying "you will die if you don't listen to me". This is simply a reply to those who try to weasel their way out of their teaching with the unspoken idea that "jehovah will judge their heart condition", referring to those who are possibly mentally challenged, or those who never had a chance to know the 'truth'.

    By saying that in the end their hearts will be judged basically makes the service work pointless, because God would know who's actually bad and who is not. Offering them the truth, though, on this pretense actually presents them with a choice, and because they now have a choice, their odds of survival through plea of ignorance are now lowered... do you get what I mean? LOL nevermind it wasn't that big of an idea anyways, don't fret over it lol.

  • Strider Arekksu
    Strider Arekksu

    He only commanded the Iseralites to preach the word, if you read all of the NT no where are there examples of non-Isrealites teaching, there were even problems where Judeans would only preach to scattered Isrealites (decendants of Isrealites in other countries) and ignored Gentiles, even though they were suppose to hear the word too. All they taught was basically to live pure honest lives, with out hurting others, live for others, work hard but not selfishly etc. And they would occasionally gather together for some encouragement. Other than that this was pretty much personal stuff.

  • WTWizard

    And you don't even reduce the amount of work left to do. You finish a territory, get all the not at homes (and bring them into accountability, worse if you are excessively strict), and eventually work it until all remaining not at homes are dead. At which point, you hand in the territory. Of course, the not at homes are destroyed at this point. Later, the same territory is handed out as "fresh" territory--and this goes on forever. Of course, you are never going to finish the work that way.

    Another thing is what happens when children become "accountable". You finish the whole territory, and what happens? There are a few children that reach the point of "accountability" while you were working it the first time. Now, you have to work the whole territory again, to reach those children. While this is going on, yet another group of children reaches "accountability", and you have to work it again. No matter where you draw the line of "accountability", you are going to have this problem.

  • superpunk
    "It was about a church that decided someone needed to go preach to the Eskimos. So they sent a missionary to go live with the Eskimos and preach to them. When he's done preaching, an Eskimo elder says: 'Before you leave, let me ask you something. If we had never heard of Jesus and sin, would we have gone to hell when we died?'

    "The missionary said, 'Well no, of course not, not if you hadn't heard.'

    "And the Eskimo said, 'Then why did you tell us?'"

    ~Phillip Gulley

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