The new "Jeremiah" book

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  • yknot

    Here is the sendspace link (credit goes to 'Anonymous Brother')

    Here are the links to the brochures:

    Was Life Created?

    The Origin of Life:


    VM44--- years ago, but I don't recall when.... It might be since we went to 'soft covers'

  • EndofMysteries

    apostate teachings in JEremiah book

    Page 71, par 10 - the statement that Jehovah does not forgive sins automatically, has zero and misapplied scriptual backing. It's a statement of man and not of the bible - contradicts the missapplied scripture quote of james 5:13-15 on page 149 about ANY sins being forgiven.

    Page 134 - is dismissed as history lesson, bypassing that it is actually referring to TODAY!!!!

    page 139 - more disfellowshipping practices taken out of context and having nothing to do with it

    page 148 - says how elders are AUTHORIZED by God to judge just like he does!

    page 149 - footnote speaks about elders having to JUDGE, yet the quoted scripture says nothing of the sort, just praying for healing and any sins are forgiven, not a single mention of judicial actions.

  • EndofMysteries

    What I 'am' surprised about though, is even though they have a whole chapter about disfellowshipping taking everything out of context. They have some strong counsel against elders, AND tied Jeremiah 51 to the Babylon prophecy in Revelation. (wonder if they figured that out or took it from someone)

    Needless to say, a year ago I was telling my family about these things, and it did 2 things, 1 believe I have God's spirit working with me, but also prob gave them faith in GB (they know I believe 'they' the GB have gone apostate)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    EndOf ... you are never going to get your family to agree to your version of the Truth. It is no less loopy that Russell's failed Truth.

    You even thought that the Jesus/Horus internet myth was credible. Get a life mate. There are better things to do than waste your time creating Davidians, Mansons and Mormons, even if those creeps did manage themselves a lifestyle for a few years.

    Enjoy sunsets for what they are. The surreal images you can make out of them are the products of your own mind....Not God's.



  • Soldier77

    Thanks for posting the link Yknot, I was looking and looking for it and couldn't find your post.

    VM44, they started adding that 'Property of ______' line for at least 5 years. That's a rough estimate, sorry.

    EndOf, will take a look at those pages you posted and mark for further reading.

  • EndofMysteries

    Thank you for the advice and input Black Sheep. I am making plans to really 'enjoy the sunset' so to say. Travel the world actually, which would be 'frowned' upon in the Org, since wouldn't be able to be 'regular' at assigned meetings lol. Aside from religious beliefs, I think everyone, athiests as well can do with living life a little. Those who DO believe that these 70-100 years are the only life and memory they will ever have, should read Ecclesiates a few times. I like Solomons point, EVERYTHING is vanity. Those who build up and work their whole life, for what? So they can be old and rich? Have stuff to leave to those when they are dead? Where as their whole life they never enjoyed life, they never lived it. Never did what they wanted, never got to travel, do the things they wanted. Minus spiritual things, just on physical/earthly, that is my take on things. Live as simple as you can, so you can have the ability to enjoy life.

    As for the Jesus/Horus - I did not read the whole chart, where as I haven't seen either all those things in the evidence, still many similarities. Also, Horus is similar to BAAL and LORD I believe. There are more specific names.

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