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  • sabastious

    I read a thread a while back about the theory of the Kingdom Hall Meeting framework applying a form of Hypnosis.

    Ever since I read that I have been really mulling it over.

    The Kingdom Hall Meetings have two main formats:

    • Public Discourses
    • Question and Answer

    Public Discourses

    Lectures can feel very hypnotic if they are information you already know or are not interested in. But that is not what makes Public Discourses truly hypnotic in my opinion.

    From my experience, what applies hypnosis is Rhythm. Rocking chairs sooth infants for a reason: because humans are soothed by rhythmic motion, it puts the mind at ease.

    So, with this in mind I have thinking a lot about how do Public Discourses apply rhythm?

    The scriptures.

    Now I don't really believe that this hypnosis is premeditated by the Watchtower society. It is reasonable to believe that their are many other explanations for why the audience is required to bring their Bibles and why little kids get disciplined for not looking up the scriptures.

    But think about it. The application is the same 100% of the time. All the Talk Outlines have the same exact formula:

    Make a a point or a few points, immediately followed by a supporting scripture.

    So how does make a rhythm (think pendulum)?

    Reading something is processed differently in the brain than just hearing something. Same goes along with writing, which is done by many with notes as well. Although a side point I think people that take notes are not hypnotized as much because they have to cognitively create on the fly (by putting the notes in their own words or shorthand). Which doesn't allow for the mind to be at ease as much as just getting "rocked in the chair."

    So the people who aren't taking notes are in effect swinging in a mind pendulum: Hearing supporting points and then reading supporting scriptures and then hearing why the scripture was read or moving onto the next point.

    Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.

    To boot, there is only a core of about 100 baseline topics (maybe?) that are ever talked about.

    This happens for decades... think about it!

    Question and Answer

    Question and Answer is a little easier to explain why it can apply hypnosis than the above.

    Think about school for a second. Think about Ferris Bueller's Day Off and many other movies who have parodied Question and Answer learning formats. They are fairly ineffective and frankly boring.

    The best time you have ever had learning something is in open forum right? When the question can be added to on the fly and new questions can be asked?

    The Witnesses might be naive enough to think that they are having a "discussion" but all it is is the scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off when the teacher is just putting blanks in his statement and asking the classmates to fill them in.

    Anyway, the format is strikingly similar every Meeting. People RARELY deviate from the paragraph or supporting scriptures from the paragraph. It is not a stretch to call this a Rhythmic Motion of question and answer.

    Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.

    Here lies the key to why the Witnesses are SO DAMN cultish and why so many members SIMPLY CANNOT transcend their doctrine without a mental breakdown.


    At to top it off, how did your family studies go? EXACTLY THE SAME WAY right? That's because Witnesses (as well as pendulums) are exceedingly predictable.

    This explains why every time I talk to a witness that is regular at the meetings that I find myself talking to someone distracted because all they see in their head is a swinging pendulum and they don't want the rocking chair to stop.

    And when I talk to someone who is not regular at the meetings they are immensely more willing to talk. They are more "available."


  • Heartbreaker

    I like how you detailed it out, keeping in mind you are either lost because you're new or not paying attention, or you've zoned out because it's repetitive...hence it's rythymic and monotonous.

    Just glad I'll never EVER go back.

  • freydo

    And then there is the positive and negative reinforcements of reward and punishment for going along with the agenda and saying the right things. If you say the wrong thing you know what's liable to happen. And the routine never varies. Total conditioning, as you give up your free will and zone out. That's why attendance is mandatory. I remember one of the ms's who stopped being regular. Nobody would say anything but all knew something was very wrong as his family was missing their head.

  • nextdoorgirl

    This was really good, Sebastious. Right away, I could detect the hypnotism as you began explaining it in your post. I was intuitive, but I thought it might have something to do with the.....scriptures! Yes, you said scriptures.

    Basically, I feel that you make a very compelling argument that makes sense, and I felt your answers as well as read them. That is an intense feeling of realizing, yet knowing, while learning.

    Thanks for doing an awesome job of putting into words what I had guessed in my heart. And that takes WAAY more thought. Hats off, to you!

  • zagor

    Yup, I agree. I've written before on the subject but I don't think many realize just how prevalent it is. I think part of the reason is that they expect to witness something along the line of deep hypnotic trance seen on stage shows and performed by master hypnotists, what they don't realize is that hypnotic methods and suggestions can be applied in normal conversation and behaviors where it leaves absolutely no trace that something has taken place (just google conversational hypnosis) all the way to deep cynical hypnosis. Most vivid example you can see it when going to theater show where you are taken for temporary ride into alternative reality you know the show isn't real yet you are tempted to accept it as real, same goes with the movies. The problem starts though when lines are blued and language, symbols and behaviors are used to confuse people on subliminal level permanently through repetition of the same. The language patterns to look for are those that constantly appeal to your subliminal urges such as fear, disgust, anger, etc. On conversational side if someone asks you "how does it feel" or "what feeling are going through you mind while watching this ..." in order for you to answer it you have to feel it, that's how the brain works am afraid, and if it repeats in equal daily or weekly intervals it become ritualistic that has the same effect like deep trance, only difference is that it takes a wee bit longer for conscious mind to surrender to it.

  • sabastious


    Thanks for the support! I gave this topic a few months of thought ( I think recreationally :D ) before I made this post.

    To add to it. I really do believe that the WTS doesn't apply this technique knowingly. Which is very dangerous, as we have seen since the WT's inception.


  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    I like Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start myself. :)

  • EndofMysteries

    Sabastious - it's FAR worse and more subtle then that! I'm gonna do an extensive report when I get a chance! They are this year, trying real hard to get people locked down and controlled into the GB. Once people KNOW the method, then the system breaks! I have some family on heightened senses right now.

  • wobble

    Great thread Sab, thanks.

    It explains too why when you got on the platform to give a well prepared talk, full of interesting new stuff, all you could see was glazed expressions or people actually asleep !

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    What really convinced me this article was on point was when he mentioned that NONE of the songs are marches! All km songs are nice relaxing melodies to soften your mind for the indoctrination that is to come. Also its another reason they stress so hard to get bible students to the meetings.

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