JW History talk by Fred Franz (1910s to 1940s)

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    Discovered this biography talk given by Fred Franz in 1985 on archive.org. Covers history in 1910s to 1940s


    It jumps around a bit but generally goes in order. It mentions a number of things that the average witness does not know today, or is glossed over:

    - A pyramid monument was built for Russell at his grave. Pyramid was thought to be God's Stone Witness.

    - "Millions Now Living May Never Die" to "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" title change (Did not mention the 1925 predictions)

    - The Finished Mystery was written by two Bible Students. It did not contain the truth. (did not mention the schism)

    - Were expecting the end of this system in 1914 and for the witnesses to be raptured to heaven.

    - Expected restoration of Israel to be literally fulfilled.

    - Theme of Bible was changed from "Ransom" to "Vindication of God's Name"

    - 1925 "Birth of a nation" talk introduced the concept of an organization (did not mention the 1874 to 1914 switch or the disposal of the other editors though). Mentioned that those removd from Bethel in 1980 did not believe that God used an organization, they believed that being a christian did not depend on any organization.

    - Great crowd was thought to be a secondary spiritual position in heaven. 1935 pointed out this was not true. Great Crowd were those witnesses who would live on the earth; as fully devoted to God as anyone in the little flock. Now these ones are the "millions now living who will never die".

    - Rutherford felt that WWII would mark the end of this system of things. He died in Beth-Sarim. Nathan Knorr took over.

    - Once Knorr took over, they realized that WWII would not mark the end of this system. There would be a period of peace.

    - A refuge building was set up on Watchtower Farm in case headquarters were taken over during WWII. The building was converted to the Watchtower School of Gilead when Knorr took over.

    Not much mention of history after mid 1940s

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Thanks for the link: Freddy soundls like he is sucking helium - was he really that bad a speaker? Interesting how quickly he discounts all writings basically before 1917....

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