If you exclude anything BUT direct commenting on matters , as represented by "this is what Jehovah has said"...and you exclude any idea that because someone wrote a note down and it got passed around that the note is magical

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  • gubberningbody

    what do you get?

    If you stop treating the book like it's a magical device, what do you get?

    What is it really saying?

  • cantleave

    A book of fantasy

  • gubberningbody

    But a book of fantasy is intelligible. It's not like you have a message and then someone else editorializes in the middle and then shuffles the pages.

    (that is one long title...)

  • cantleave

    lol - I thought you were going for the record!

  • mkr32208

    It's NOT one cohesive book it's a shit ton of little books that were piled together by some dudes. That is it... Be like taking the lord of the rings, the wheel of time and little women and trying to make one cohesive book/story out of it!

  • not a captive
    not a captive


    My personal reference points for mapping the value of the Bible roughly begins with the story of Abraham at the same time that I think of Jesus.

    The story of Abraham's test at Genesis 22 is the keystone for me because it reveals the limits of second hand accounts to show us anything.

    I realize the scriptures have been subject to so much interference that it requires a certain il--logic and anti-faith to call these tamperings "God's Word" but Genesis 22 stands out for several reasons ,here are a few:

    1) Of the editing that was arguably done to the OT around the time of David's reign, only Genesis 22 was untouched.

    2) It also stands as a monument to faith.

    3) It is an embarrassment to Christians but not to Christ.

    I think that the stories people told about God were supplied with conclusions/ morals to them that did not always fit.

    I think that we have a hard time talking about our own experiences that we have had with God or that we suspect had to do with God. I think that the Bible stories don't even allow us to very easily plot the general coordinants of the God stories because some hasty souls went ahead and tried to do it for us.

    It is certain that any words used to express stories of God will screw the story up.

    I'm going to post this and I am sure this will not make any sense.


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