How much would you be willing to let go in order to auxiliary pioneer?

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  • outlander

    Would you decide not to work in your field as an RN able to make $30.00 + an hour? Would you put your home up for sale in a buyers market telling the realator to just sell it even if theres no profir after the sale? Would you put your sick 82 yr old mother in a Nursing Home, even knowing it means a loss of not only her but also of her $1,500 a month pension? Would you tell your 59 yr old brother living downstairs to go sign up for public housing knowing that he has to give up his beloved dog in order to qualify? Would you also refuse to cosign for a $300, unrefundable electric deposit to electric turned on for him? Even after he gave you $900. to help you pay your taxes last this year and then you received a $450. refund and used it to buy a H.D. TV set? Thats what my own sister is doing. Would you give up your life, and put others lives in turmoil? ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY! DECIEVER OF MANY AND SLAVE MASTER TO THE BRAIN DEAD! FALSE PROPHETS, LIERS, AND MONEY SUCKERS! Would this be enough or is more required of all?

  • WTWizard

    I remember one family that all decided to regular pio-sneer.

    What did they have to give up? Plenty. They had to ditch cable, and cut back sharply on entertainment. The place looks like things are showing signs of having seen better days. The two children are staying with their parents, going toward their 30s, to make this work. I predict that they are going to have a miserable retirement, since cutting back on income means getting much less Social Security later. The children are going to be burdened with their parents' health issues, and they are going to have major money problems at that time as well. Yet, they will not be able to quit pio-sneering because their parents want them pio-sneering. Ultimately, the stress is going to give the children major health problems as well, and it could bring them to an early grave.

    Worth it?

  • mentallyfree31

    I gave up a scholarship to college in order to regular pioneer back in 1995. That is now one of my biggest regrets. I remember there was a teacher in school that talked to me about it, but I wouldn't listen. He tried to encourage me to go on and get my college degree while I was young.


  • cantleave

    It reminds me of people who gave up good jobs, homes and much more, just prior to 1975.

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