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  • ana_dote

    I didn't want to hijack highdose's thread because I apparently went off on a rant when attempting to simply comment, so I thought I'd start my own thread. This has been something that has just recently become more apparent in my thinking and bugs the CRAP outta me!:

    If it is a universal fact that God exists and can read people's hearts.....then why is there the statement that only JW's and those "ignorant" of JW teachings will live?

    As someone who has left "the truth" and find it more and more repulsingly filled with lies....I still have a desire to be harmonious with a greater being (as I do believe one exists, just have been questioning its form since everything else I was raised on is complete crap). IF there is actually A and only....and he READS HEARTS......then why the hell should I be destroyed because a RELIGION calls me apostate for not agreeing with THEIR teachings, which are being so blantantly proved as FALSE????

    IT MAKES NO SENSE. If there is a God that truly reads the hearts, it is not going to matter what religion/race/culture/whatever you are. "salvation" would HAVE to be based on individuals, not groups of people. After all, doesn't the infamous BIBLE say that each person will render an accounting for only themselves to God? I find it ignorantly assumed that out of 7 BILLION different people only 7 MILLION have "good/acceptable hearts". AND I find it hard to believe that out of those 7 MILLION...they ALL have good hearts! How many of us knew some real JERKS and SHADY PEOPLE when we were witnesses? What about all the evidence of pedophilia? All the abuse that gets hidden? You really think that God would want PEDOPHILES in his "new system"??? COME ON PEOPLE! WAKE THE EFF UP!!!

  • mrsjones5

    I'm wake, I'm wake.

  • ana_dote

    OH! and also!

    THe paradox of "free will"...what's up with that!?

    God gives man free will, but man can only use it to serve God or God destroys man. HOW IS THAT FREE WILL!? "Sure, you have the right to choose ANNNNYTHING you want to do, human! (but if you choose to live independantly me i'm gonna have to kill you....sorry! them's the breaks!)".....some "god"!

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I think you need circumcision of the heart and not to just belong to a religion

  • bohm

    ana -

    If you want people to do something they dont really want to do, and you have low moral, you can threaten to beat them up if they dont do it.

    If you have low moral and is a coward, you can threaten that some person you know will beat them up (without really knowing that person).

    Thats all what it is, empty threats. In the process they create a perveted image of a completely retarded God.

  • ana_dote

    so true true!!!

    man were we ever livin under a rock!

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    God is better than we think.

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