Let's get that Field Service Time in... Part 2

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  • Jim_TX
    "...the whole thing was petty on your part Jim. but if it made you feel better then kudos to you"

    I can appreciate how you feel about this 'elderette'. I guess in my old age, I am tired of putting up with the pan-handlers and JWs that frequent the parking lots here locally, ignoring the posted signs.

    A few days earlier, there was a man on two crutches hopping around a parking lot (just around the corner from Big Lots), and asking for money. When we pulled into the parking spot, he came hopping over and had his hand out asking for money. I told the wife who was getting ready to exit the car, 'Hang on a second."

    I then backed the car out, and went to a different parking spot far enough away that we wouldn't be bothered by the pan-handler.

    Well, when we left the store, there he was, asking for money. I point-blank told him, "You need to get a job. Quit pan-handling, or I'll go inside and report you." He got nervous and backed off real quickly. In fact, he disappeared within seconds.

    So, yeah. You may think it's 'petty' for me to get these guys tossed out of the parking lots. I'm just tired of seeing them hang around and bother folks - like me.

    By the way, I'm not insensitive to those who are out-of-work and need help. But here locally, there are shelters set up downtown, and paid for with our tax dollars that they could go to and get help. There are a lot of fake people who are just out to collect money on the weekends.I determined that this fella was a fake, and didn't want to deal with him.


    Jim TX

  • Snoozy

    We get women with kids now standing by a stop sign with plastic buckets and some fake name taped to the side..serioiusly...The hubby/boyfriend is probably working the stop sign accross the street.

    I call the stop sign "The professional panhandlers stop"..

    I am a very empathetic person but it couldn't be more obvious..I would love to park somewhere and follow them when they leave..I have all the time in the world to do this...I am retired!

    Think I should?

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