We bought land!

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    We bought land!

    some of you might remember a delema i had a couple of months ago over buying a house... and gave lots of great advice.

    well, we ended up buying a large block of land (modern developers would cram 8 houses on it) one hour outside the city in a really nice little town of only 250 people. The block has an 1860 ruin on it that looks like an old school or church. The building is not in real bad shape... i mean, it sure needs a lot of work but its very fixable and we will turn it into my wifes art studio and gallery. The plan is for it to be 5 to 10 year journey. Rather than a 300K mortgage we have a 55K one that leaves us lots of income to pump into the dream as we go.

    At last! I am actually for the first time in my life thinking about the reality of eventual retirement. Until now, as you know, so many of us had no future to plan for other than patting lions in paradise...

    very happy


  • Bangalore

    Congrats Oz. All the best regarding your project.


  • chickpea

    it must be that it is early morning,
    the first cuppa coffee and muddled
    thinking, but i am crying tears of
    joy for you Aussie Oz....

    i follow your story and the
    wretched treatment your
    ex has heaped on you and
    tried to poison your children
    toward you...

    this is WONDERFUL to read!!

    so happy for you; so very well
    conceived and executed!

    cheers, mate!

  • penny2

    Congratulations Aussie. It's a great feeling to buy some real estate.


  • transhuman68

    Now you'll be able to put your kids to work helping you clean the place up! Well planned!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Where is your land Mate......PM me. I live in the outer suburbs of the city 47 Km's and am loving it....people keep saying "your far from the city"....but that was the whole idea!!!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Excellent news. That'll keep you out of trouble on the weekends for a few years.



  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Aussie - that is great! Good use of money and sounds like you got a hell of a deal. Congrats! We're looking to buy land in the next few years. Need a more temperate climate than Ohio.

    Cult Classic

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    I am happy for you Oz.

    It's great to have a sense of "place". We are physical realities and even if we wax philisophical about "not being attached",we derive great peace in having our "own vine and our own fig tree"--God knows. So if you ex throws that at you remember that this is a fine thing for you all.

    Have fun!


  • snowbird

    So happy for you!


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