Poor Sex Offender Can't Go To Meetings!!!

by minimus 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • finallyfree!

    Hmm poor guy. This "system of things" is not fair! Lol! Good for him! He no longer has rights. Sicko. I could think of a few "rehabilitation techniques" that would make things a lot easier on society and our hard working taxpayers. Let's just say we'd be getting a whole lot more bang! For our buck.

  • minimus

    Can you imagine this guy waiting around while his elder chaperone has a 'quick' elder's meeting going on??

  • littlebird

    Ya know, probably the only reason the congregation will know about it is because it made the news. What if it hadn't? Would the parents be warned? I doubt it. A chaparone? Please, they cant chaparone a large gathering from horny teenagers, much less a pedophile right there in their midst.

  • minimus

    Why they attract this type of publicity is beyond me!

  • brizzzy

    On other articles about the case, several of the local JWs have popped in on the comments section and said that THEY don't want him in their congregation, and that he can listen in via telephone.

    The irony, of course, is that they're probably not aware of the WTS policy on child molestation and keeping sex offenders' statuses from the congregation...the same JWs who have commented that they don't want him attending around their children likely already have at least one or two pedophiles quietly attending that congregation already.

  • minimus

    This guy is just itching to get into trouble. He's a sicko.

  • brizzzy

    Yeah, and the elders aren't helping matters. You'd think that THEY would have sat him down and quietly suggested the telephone thing, and that he can "witness" by letter-writing, telephone, or maybe doing prison witnessing, etc. But instead they're backing him up and pushing the "chaperone" arrangement. I don't get why. You'd think that they'd want to avoid this kind of publicity. Maybe it's because turnover is doing so badly that they feel they have no other choice to increase retention but put out a big, public "pedophiles and sex offenders welcome" red flag? :-\

  • loosie

    So say he goes with the elder chaparone. and something happens he molests some kid in the bathroom. Who will be held responsible? The elder for not watching? of the sicko pervert?

    Who would be willing to take responsibility if he did do something?

  • brizzzy

    And just watch. Once they judge him "repentant" and "rehabilitated" (and of course they're not certified or otherwise qualified to make such a call), then they'll loosen up and stop chaperoning him, and maybe in a couple of years it'll all be forgotten and he'll be given privileges in the congregation, etc. It's happened before, many times. It'll happen again.

  • Titus

    They should cut his........


    That's it!

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