Michael Jackson's Kids Doing Field Service

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  • Confuzzled

    I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I thought y'all might find it interesting, or disgusting.

    Pop Tarts

    Source: Michael Jackson's Formerly Reclusive Children Now Spreading Religious Message Door-to-Door

    By Hollie McKay

    Published June 23, 2010

    | FOXNews.com


    Paris, Blanket and Prince Jackson (l to r)


    At this time last year, two days before the tragic death of Michael Jackson, his children Prince,13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, would have been barely recognizable to even the most devoted Jackson fan. The King of Pop went to inordinate measures to shield his kids from the harsh spotlight that he grew to loathe – hiding their faces with an array of odd masks and hoodies during their rare public appearances.

    While a couple of sneaky pap snaps revealing Prince and Paris’ faces were able to slip through the cracks over the years, we never actually saw Blanket (who was infamously dangled over a fourth-floor balcony in Germany by his dad in 2002) uncovered until Jackson’s memorial last July.

    Now fast forward to 2010, almost one year since MJ’s death: Not only are the Jackson children able to step outside sans the masks, apparently they’re even able to knock on the doors of strangers' homes.

    According to a Jackson insider, the kids (under the guidance of their grandmother and legal guardian, Katherine Jackson) have been doing the standard field service as part of their involvement with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, encouraging others to convert.

    SLIDESHOW: Michael Jackson's Kids Step in to the Spotlight

    “Growing up, Michael did it, too. It’s an important part of their faith,” said our source. “Nobody even seems to know it is them.”

    Longtime Jackson family friend and biographer, Stacy Brown, also told us that he “wouldn’t be surprised” at all to learn the Jackson youngsters were undertaking field service, despite their star-studded status.

    “I am sure it is something Katherine would encourage,” Brown said. “Becoming a Jehovah’s Witness was something she wanted for all her kids.”

    A representative for Katherine did not respond for comment.

    On the subject of exposure, this week Katherine Jackson reportedly revealed that the three kids (who have been home-schooled) will be attending a private school in Los Angeles at the conclusion of the summer break.

    SLIDESHOW: Scenes From the Life and Death of Michael Jackson

    But is it all too much, too soon?

    “It is definitely a huge step, but it is great for them to be socialized like this,” Hollywood image consultant Michael Sands, who has worked with members of the Jackson family in the past, told Pop Tarts. “The President’s kids go to school, so do Royals like Prince Harry and Prince William. I am sure the school and Jackson estate will work together to take the necessary safety precautions.”

    However, being around other children on a daily basis, as well as having been privy to the forms of social communication like the Internet over the past year (Blanket and Paris proved this last month when they made their home video YouTube debuts) means that the kids will likely learn several of the negative parts of their father’s disturbing past.

    “I believe that Michael did a very good job of slowly enlightening them to these things, and teaching them that this was the way of the world, and preparing them so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock,” Brown said. “He didn’t shield them from what was out there.”

    Moreover, MJ’s mom isn’t the only grandparent playing a prominent role in the lives of the Jackson three. We’re also told that Joe Jackson spends a great deal of time with his grandchildren, and has developed a strong, “normal” grandfather-to-grandchild bond with Prince, Paris and Blanket.

    Surprisingly, despite the disdain Michael felt for his estranged father and former manager, who he claimed was both physically and emotionally abusive, Brown doesn’t believe the late King of Pop would be bothered by his beloved children spending time with the man who caused him so much grief.

    “I don't think he (Michael) would have much of a problem with it. Prior to Michael's unfortunate death, he was again including Joseph in some of his business affairs. It seemed that Michael-- more and more-- began to seek Joseph's support/backing,” Brown said. “I think Michael had grown extremely insecure and feared for his safety, so he called upon Joseph for help.”

    And even in the year since his death, Jackson cannot escape the family friction, finger-pointing, legal woes and financial issues that plagued him for a good part of his 50 years. But while these things are still very much alive, it seems, for the most part, people have let go of their negative perceptions toward the troubled star.

    “Before Michael died you couldn’t go a week without him being referred to as ‘Wacko Jacko’ or a child molester in the media,” Brown said. “But you won’t see or hear of him being referred to as that anymore. It’s been a 360-degree turnaround. He’s become a huge hero. “

  • snowbird
  • dgp

    Poor kids.

    We can't know whether the parents mentally abused Michael to the degree it is claimed he was. But I am afraid that these kids' lives will be made miserable. They are their father's kids, rich and helpless. I am afraid they won't get much respect from anyone.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I didn't expect much better.

    Their Dad was brought up in a world of killer gods and demons the same as many of us here.

    Most of the family are not door knocking Dubbies, but that is no indicator of the amount of damage that has been done to them via the cult. We have already had a thread on that subject today.

    All you can do is prepare yourself for the day when they, or someone like them, knocks on your door.


  • Confuzzled

    LOL hey admit it, if Blanket Jackson showed up at your door you'd be inclined to listen LOL! Seriously, it's disturbing on so many levels, the kids go from being completely isolated and pampered, to well, literally knocking on strangers doors who will be rude to them or worse. It's one thing to ease them into a private school with other uber rich kids of politicians, and prehaps royalty living abroad in the US, but thats crazy. I didn't mean to repeat the discussion, I just happened to read it today, but it is old news, I see.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Imagine: "Can I leave this tract with you about "Is the bible really God's word?" {Householder} "No thanks sweety." {Kid} "Okay, What about this signed copy of Thriller?" {Householder} "HELL YES KID......HERE"S A $10 DOLLAR DONATION!!"

  • Confuzzled

    I wonder if Katherine Jackson is getting instructions from NYC to parade them around like that.

  • WTWizard

    I hope those children remember the time when they had Saturday mornings to do something worthwhile (like playing, watching cartoons, sleeping in, etc.) and realize that this religion is for the birds. From my personal experience, you are excited about it as novelty for about 3 months, and then it gets old after a while. You realize it's all the same old, you are not having any fun, and it's a drudgery to stay out even the normal amount of time. Then, they are expected to spend an extra 2 hours a day during each waste of paper distribution campaign.

    If they were to come to my door, I would simply ask them to prove, using just the Bible, that Jesus "evidently" meant "the group of people whose lives intersect with those who saw the beginning" as his "This generation would by no means pass away". When they could not produce the evidence, I would point out that their religion is every bit as confusing as "Babylon the Great" and its trinity doctrine which at least has been relatively stable since its inception. Especially if they were together and their grandmother was not around--let them see that they are in a scam. And I would show them Silentlambs and any other sites proving that the religion harbors pedophiles and silences the victims.

  • jamiebowers

    The headline that was out before this one was about those kids celebrating a birthday. Makes me wonder what's really going on.

  • steve2

    Apparently there have been sightings of Wackos kids door-knocking in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK - all at virtually the same time. Boy can those kids move. Wackos even been spotted selling Watchtowers at train stations in Iran and Pakistan. it caused a stampede in Islamabad but, hey, placements that day were in the tens of thousands. At one point, Awake was outselling Thriller - what a comedown for the King. But he has toughed it, placing a coupon for Thriller in every copy of Awake.

    Geography and death are mere minor details - when you've got to spread the good news of Michael's kingdom, nothing - not even reality - gets in the way.

    Keep on knocking kids. I hope I'm home by the time you get to my street.

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