Fox news weighs in on sex offender going to kingdom hall !

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Downloaded. Thanks

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Fox Snooze... the clip was 3 minutes..and the hostess says "thanks for an interesting debate." What debate?

    The guy's photo is creepy. First Amendment my ass. The guy is a convicted pedophile. 10 years probation?

    He should have been sent to the lions as part of televised gladiator games on pay-per-view.

    Chaperone? Really? The JWs shun anyone that accuses a pedophile as the single witness to the event but are willing to sit with a convicted pedophile at the kingdom hall and go to the restroom with him so he is not alone with little boys? Was he a JW before this? If not, who the hell was witnessing to him trying to convert him?

    bleh...feed him to the lions. Short of that....send him to prison for life. He does not deserve to live.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't see how this clown has a case. He's on probation, period. If he wants to become a Dub, just wait a couple more years until your probation is over. In the meantime hook up to meetings via telephone. If you're REALLY a believer, you're not afraid Armageddon will come before you can become more active. If you're REALLY a believer you KNOW that Jehovah knows your heart condition and understands your probation situation keeps you from meetings and service.

    But if you're a pedo trying to get into a congregation so that you can oogle little boys in suits (and in bathing suits at "get-togethers") then of course you'll fight for your "rights" to do so.

    Dude's a tool.

    By the way, the guy defending him CLEARLY knows NOTHING about JWs and their form of worship. The guy against him is a bit vague, too, but has at least done a tiny bit of prep work before showing up on tv.

  • NiceDream

    Ewww, that is one creepy looking guy.

    Oprah intereviewd sex offenders who liked going to church so they could "be close to their victims." I hope parents stop going if that creep was at their hall. My eyes would be on him the whole meeting, surely he'd be a distraction.

    I would also like to know who would be sitting with him...because a "minister" could be any baptized person according to JWs.

  • betterdaze

    More on his background here:

    With his life history, Perfetto's much more dangerous than this short clip makes him out to be.


  • Mary

    Ya. Like anyone with half a brain would like to see that freak-a-saurus around their kids.

    What the hell are the elders thinking?! Who wants the public to know that a frigging pedophile who's on probation is coming to the Kingdumb Hell??! Unbelievably stupid.

  • SirNose586
    By the way, the guy defending him CLEARLY knows NOTHING about JWs and their form of worship. The guy against him is a bit vague, too, but has at least done a tiny bit of prep work before showing up on tv.

    Yeah, the defender was a grinning idiot. "He's going to be there celebrating," Arthur said. There's nothing celebratory about the meetings. The only thing he will be celebrating will be his newfound access to little children!

    Kudos to the former prosecutor for knowing a bit about the JW meeting regime, though it isn't necessarily a daily thing.

    I have a theory that this creep knows other creeps, and these other creeps all know that being a dub is the best way for them to get their jollies because of the whole two witness rule. Why else would there be so many pedos in the hall?

    The chaperone arrangement is a genius move by this creep. None of them are trained. Arthur keeps saying, "He'll be with a minister," but we all know that title doesn't mean a damn thing. He'll be with some guy who may or may not do a good job in keeping him from getting close to children. He'll be with someone who he can befriend and eventually elude. The minister label means nothing.

  • WTWizard

    A pedophile going to a religion known to harbor pedophiles and silence the victims. At least this one is in the news, and if the witlesses insist on promoting this person to be a hounder, it is going to add even worse embarrassment. If he wishes to go to the boasting sessions, I recommend an online or telephone connection that they use for those otherwise unable to get to them.

  • Violia

    I predict no sane elder would take on this job. They would not want the publicty.

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